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Computers are used in all kinds of fields. Most of the fields that I know are in the Military: Air Traffic Controling

Criminal Justice




Aircraft Carriers Their are other diffrent fields where computer are used. To see the types of fields that are in the military, Naval mostly, go to on Google. Good luck Hope that answered your question

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maderchodon answer dete ni bakchodi krte bs

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Q: What are the various fields in which computers are used?
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What are uses of computer in various fields?

Computers are used in various fields. These include marketing, banking, and tracking inventory in stores. It is also used as an education tool as well as a form of document management system and in selling via e-commerce.

Pictures of computers being used in different fields?

Computers can be used to help people out in a variety of fields. Doing a simple image search can help you find the picture you are looking for.

In which fields is geometry used in daily life?

it is used various fields such as home decoraters, engeneering etc.

What are the various types of computers used by the organizations?

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What are the various computer applications used in the various fields available?

Computers have a large number of applications in variety of fields. Computers have great applications in the field of Information Technology, Physics, Medical sciences, Artificial intelligence, Robotics, Information Systems, Economics, Statistics, Financial Management, Nuclear Physics, Businesses, Human Resource Management etc. Computers are widely used by the businesses and organizations for effective management of information and resources in almost all departments. Marketing and advertising agencies rely on computer databases of customers and various other tools to track the needs of the customers. Human Resource Management Information Systems help organizations to keep record about the employees. Computers are used in networks which help individuals in the organizations to communicate with each other by sharing files and important documents.

Computers in animated films?

Computers are the main element which is used in animated films. There various graphic programs which are used to create motion and audio of the animations.

Why do we use aluminum?

Aluminium is a light element and it is used in various fields due to its lightness

What is Data representation?

Data representation is defined as the various methods that that used to show information. Various mediums like computers are used to represent data.

Is HTML is same for both computers and mobiles?

HTML is different for computers and mobiles. For Mobiles the HTML used is different in various aspects.

What are the uses of computers in various fields of science and technology in Pakistan?

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Applications of statistics in various fields?

Application of statistics in various fields of human activity has become vital. Statistics are mostly used for purposes of planning in games, polls, events and so much more.

What is the important of computers?

computers have become an integral part of modern life, impacting nearly every aspect of society and contributing to advancements in various fields. Their importance continues to grow as technology evolves and becomes more integrated into our daily lives.