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What are the wires for the headlights on a 1990 Mercury Cougar?


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Where are the wires??? for the headlights on a 1990 cougar??If you are having a problem with the headlights .Your problem is in the headlight switch. You can pick a switch up at most part outlets for around $10.00.Note: this is only a standard switch,not one with auto shut off ect.Instructions are included in the package with the new switch concerning how to remove the push-pull shaft. With a small hex tool remove the set screw on the bottom of the knob on the switch. Remove instrument cover to access the switch located inside the dash.Two screws are located at the top of the instrument cover.These screws are inserted point up. You will have to be on your knee out side the car more than likely to get a good view of these 2.This is a "heads up" look.Remove the mounting screw that secures the switch,AFTER you remove the wireing harness.Install in order as removed. There are 3-4 other screws in this cover you will need to remove,but you will notice these as you proceed with removal. Phillips screw driver.Screws underside of instrument cover(2) more than likely,will require a short (4")driver.Don't get frustered,you can do it!!