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Isn't it oh so tragic?
That I still despise those who always had it
My only choice is the refusal to pay
But it wont make this heartache go away
Because I still fell so sick of it
High rise buildings and this culture shit
This boredom destroys every thought
And I can't trust myself with want I want
Hey I was born into a mess naked undressed
Can't pretend that it doesn't mean a thing
This happiness that corruption brings
Cause it is freedom they say
But I can't wait for this freedom to go away
Cause I can't find any peace here
Just used emotions everywhere
And gratitude to a trickle down deal
Like that could change the way that I feel
Hey I was born into a mess naked undressed
All that is offered is going to break
Cause I want so much more than it can ever take
I want to shake hey I want to move
So no more cheap thrills for me and you
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How do you make up with your girlfriend after you messed up?

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If your neighbors tree is more in your backyard then theirs and its a huge tree which makes a lot of leaves mess on your yard and roof is there anything you can do about it?

Answer . You could try speaking with your neighbor in a friendly manner and ask if you can prune your side of that tree. Our neighbor behind us had no light coming in her window because of one of are large cedar trees. She paid for a tree pruner to come in and we supervised to be sure the tree wa ( Full Answer )

How do you you cut styrofoam without making a mess?

Believe it or not, a hack saw works very well. The blade is thinner than a knife and you can even get a wire to fit the hack saw. There will still be some "fuzz" but not nearly like using a knife. You can also wrap your styro with plastic wrap and it helps a bunch.

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How do you eat taco shells without making a mess?

it depends you are eating a soft shell taco you want to make sure the meat is in the middle and fold the ends . With a hard shell just crunch it up and eat it like nachos just put your hand bellow each chip. i hope i was helpful.

How do you make it up to a friend if you messed up?

Apologize and mean it. Admit to your mistake and ask to be forgiven. The other person accepts and you go on with the friendship or they don't and you move on. Learn from the mistake and try not to repeat it. That's about all anyone can do.

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Tell him you've never done it before, but you've decided you want your first time to be with him. It will make him feel special and appreciated and most likely he'll offer to take the lead so you only have to close your eyes and enjoy until your body works on its own. Assuming, of course, that he ( Full Answer )

Never mind the computer keeps messing up my words.?

Depending on what you believe you will get a different answer. From a God fearing Christian you will be told we did not evolve from apes and have always looked this way. From an evolutionist you will be told some scientific estimate from the patterns of so called "evolution". In my opinion we were n ( Full Answer )

How do you open a coconut without making a mess?

You puncture the soft eye (only 1 of the three is soft) drain liquid. Heat the coconut in oven about 10 minutes at 300. Now take it out and put into the freezer. In a few minutes it will crack open.

If a girl is messing with you pushing shoving making fun of you does that mean she is flirting?

It all depends, really. If you hear the girl likes you, most likely she is. But before you go getting all crazy, if you confronted the girl about liking you before, this aggression may be real, like the "YOU BIG JERK. IM OFFENDED YOU WOULD THINK I WOULD LIKE YOU.!" kind of aggression. I mean, I do t ( Full Answer )

Can sky mess around with tv signals to make you think you have a problem with you box?

It is very unlikely that Sky will do anything to their signals deliberately although technical issues can sometimes cause problems with an image from time to time. The biggest culprit is the weather. Poor atmospheric conditions can occasionally disrupt signal integrity on one or more channels. As S ( Full Answer )

How do you get out of this mess?

well if you mean it as a fight dont use your fists just try and carm the other person down and just talk but if you mean it as clean up my house or my bedroom start by picking up the stuff of the floor just do like a big spring clean hope this is ok i am only a child lol xx

How do you make a messed up note?

You have to try to go really high on the note and try to push yourself to reach it but also make your self feel like you cant reach it and then just let it out and theres your mess up.

What words did Christina aguilara mess up at the super bowl?

Aguilera's version: "Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight, what so proudly we watched at the twilight's last gleaming." Original version: "Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight, O'er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming." Oops.

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You could put some little spikes on the bird house so it wouldn't ruin the look of the birdhouse and it would keep the birds away . There is a new product on the market called Bird-Deter. It is designed specifically to be mounted on the top of a mailbox. It is barely visible, safe and extremely eff ( Full Answer )

Do ducks make a mess?

if u really pay attention yes ducks make a mess its just not that big of a mess a elephant a do.

Do indoor rabbits make a mess or a lot of noise?

Indoor rabbits don't make a lot of noise unless they're bored or under stress. (An anxious rabbit, for example, might thump a lot; a bored rabbit might throw its dishes around or rattle its cage bars.) If you play with your rabbit every day and provide her with toys and structures for her to vent he ( Full Answer )

Do a mess or make a mess?

The grammatically correct sentence would be: Did you make a mess? Imade a mess. You made a mess. A mess is made, not done.

Is it possible there is a magnetic deposit under the Bermuda triangle that can sink ships and mess with instraments to make planes crash?

No, it's all a myth, the Bermuda is fine. My mother has been there many times and she's still alive; she thinks it's actually a fabulous place and highly recommends it, it is a beautiful place. Bermuda and the surrounding areas are very popular tourist destination. Thousands of planes and ships, ( Full Answer )

Can taking thyroid mess make you gain weight?

Yes thyroid can either make you add or loose wait extremely depending how it affects your metabolism. As it is, a thyroid is a large ductless gland in the neck that secretes hormones regulating growth and development through the rate of metabolism so if it secrets hormones that slow your metabolism ( Full Answer )

What is the origin of the word mess deck?

It is a part of a ship set aside for communal eating, the phrase came into use in the 1530's meaning no more than a company or persons eating together, especially military. The word 'mess' derived from an old French word 'mes' meaning a portion of food

How do you not make a mess in the house?

By not making a mess in the house. "Making a mess" is an active thing. You actually have to DO it; it doesn't just happen when youre back is turned. So just don't.

What type of word is mess?

The word 'mess' is both a noun (mess, messes) and a verb (mess, messes, messing, messed) Examples: Why is your hair such a mess? (noun) Please don't mess with my hair. (verb)

How do you wear make-up properly so you don't look like a mess?

Well here are some tips: 1. NEVER apply loads of make-up (especially foundation) as this will make it look unnatural and just ugly. 2. If you're trying to create a smokey eye, make sure to concentrate on that without applying too much lip-gloss/lipstick because otherwise it'll take the whole effect ( Full Answer )