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They all suck, but the worst of the worst are the Eastern European countries such as Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia and so on.

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Q: What are the worst countries in Europe?
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The absolute worst case scenario that could happen in Europe is that anything could happen in Europe. It is a continent of many countries with a large population. Who knows what will happen.

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I'm not sure but it is probably something to do with pollution from England and other countries in Europe

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Are there 42 countries in Europe?

No, there are about 51 countries in Europe.

What countries were conquered by Europe?

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How many countries occupy Europe?

There are 50 countries in Europe.

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There is no single country between the north and south of Europe. There are countries in the north of Europe and countries in the south of Europe and countries in central Europe, and countries in the east and in the west of Europe. See the map below.

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There are currently 50 countries in Europe. It is unknown as to how many countries will exactly come to be.

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none, actually a negative amount. this is because the EU is a form of collectivisation, the worst failure of the human race, and is the opposite to specialisation