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I don't think that most women really want to end a marriage, but I do feel that because men hide their emotions internally it drives most of us women wild! Example: You notice your husband is a little down and you ask "Is there something wrong?" They can stare you right in the eyes and say, "NO!" End of discussion! It's up to a woman to press the issue if this behavior continues and get to the root of the problem because two heads are better than one when figuring out any problem and it can bring the couple closer together. ALL women go through hormonal changes such as bad PMS (during their periods) to perimenopause (where their periods are inconsistent) and finally the big hormone imbalance .. menopause! This can leave some women feeling moody, cranky, having hot flashes, with a drop in their libido. They will smile and laugh one minute and cry for no reason the next and it's all do to their dear little buddy "hormones!" The poor men sit there wondering what hit them between the eyes. So, again, communication between a couple is most important. Involve men and most of them will try their best to understand. The part I love about this is I always knew men went through a sort of "change" as they got older, but when I asked doctors they poo-pooed this. It hasn't been that long since they did indeed discover that men go through "Andropause" and it use to be called "mid-life crisis" which would start from 40 up in a man. They too can get depressed, their libido is low because of low Testosterone, moody, dress different, try to regain their youth in many different ways and it's this time in some couples lives that either could stray from the nest and have an affair to prove "they still have it!" Some women will be laid-back and nothing much bothers them, but this can be unnerving to some men and the man could feel the woman doesn't care enough. Other women are hyper and may react jittery or could be depressed and either refuses or can't communicate with their husband. Some women nag simply because the marriage isn't what they hoped it would be or they feel they haven't attained what they wanted for themselves. After all, women are people too and they have a right to some life of their own such as working part-time (if they have children) getting a college degree or doing something simple such as artwork (head space time) or reading or writing that novel they hope to get published. It's a real balancing act. Just because a wife may not always be the same and could nag, be moody, put her husband down or the husband gets the feeling his wife just doesn't love him anymore is not always true. She could possibly be feeling that life has passed her by or she wants something for herself, but doesn't know what it is. Also there is the "empty nest syndrome" where the children finally leave home and mom and pop are staring at each other like two strangers. Life just is complicated!

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Roman goddness of marriage and women?


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