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There are any number of ways someone can get your credit card number. It can be skimmed, meaning it's passed through a device that reads and traps the magnetic data; that can happen at resturants, stores and even ATM machines. You can be conned into a phishing scam where you inwittingly give the number to someone who seems official (PayPal and eBay scams are very popular now, but there's no end to the variety). You online account data can be hacked. Someone can look over your shoulder and either memorize or write it down. There are some ecxellent websites pertaining to fraud and identity theft. Check out The internet Fraud Complaint Center at Your attorney general should also have some good information. Also look at

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Q: What are three ways someone can get your credit card number?
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What is someone's credit card number and security code?

The credit card number is the 16-digit number on the front of the card; the security code is a three- or four-digit number on the back of the card.

Can you have a credit card number and it is not your credit card?

No, unless you hack someone

What is a cc number on a credit card?

The CC number on a credit card, is the 16 digit number on the front. The CVC number, is the three-digit number on the back of the card, next to the magnetic strip.

What is a credit card number you can use?

The number on your credit card. For instance, open your wallet or billfold, remove the credit card, and read the sixteen digit number on the face of the card. On occasion you will also need the three digit security code on the back on the card as well.

Can a credit card security code have 5 digits?

16 digits in a credit card number. Most cases it is three.

What is the cvv code on a credit card?

The CVV code on a credit card is the three digit number on the back of a credit card. It is an extra security measure that ensures that the person paying with the card is the one physically with the card.

Does any one have a credit card number?

Yes, everyone who has a credit card has a credit card number.

Where is the Card Verification Number on the credit card?

The Card Verification Number (also called the security number) is a three-digit number on the back of the card to the right of the signature box.

Is 4142 a debit card number or credit card number?

it's a credit card number.

How can find an example of a credit card number?

Most credit cards I know of have a 16-digit number. It will often be divided into groups of 4 on the card, but this is mostly for readability. I hope this question isn't an attempt to get someone to provide you with a valid credit card number.

Can someone borrow you their nus card number?

credit and debit cards

Can I report credit card fraud if I know someone who has someone elses credit card?

Yes I believe you can report credit card fraud if you know someone who has someone elses credit card, if let's say one of your friends or family member got there credit card stolen and you also know the person who stole the credit card you can report a credit card fraud or you can just let your friend or family member report fraud on there credit card, I hope this helps :).

Can you send credit from someone to someone else?

No, you can not give credit that you have to someone else. You can loan someone money or your credit card, but you are still responsible for paying the credit card company back.

How do you know where the credit card number is on my credit card number?

This question makes no sense. The credit card number is printed on the card in raised numbers across the front.

How can you get someone's credit card number?

It is written right on the card, and few people are wary enough that people do not see it. Every business that accepts that credit card has a record of it. But the only reason for needing it otherwise...would be to illegally use it. So getting someone's credit card number is only the prelude to a criminal act.

How can you find out if someone has used your name to get a credit card?

Get ahold of your credit card company and have them run the name along with the social security number to check the purchases of the card or cards.

Can someone use your credit card at a ATM?

They could use it if they have your PIN number.

How do you locate your three number security code for your credit card?

behind the card next to the signature field

Can someone give me a credit card number?

There is a chances of misusing while sharing credit card number with others. The amount can be misused. So to avoid this buy virtual credit cards which are more secure for online transaction.

How do you change the credit card number on a nook?

how do i change the credit card # on my nook

Is the credit card number the same as the account number?

No, The credit card number is the long string of numbers embossed on the card. The account number is not shown on the credit card - it will be on your statements.

Can you pay someone you know with a credit card?

If they have a credit card facility yes

Where on a credit card is the security code located?

The security code on a credit card is located on the back of the card. It is usually a three digit number beside the white stripe where you sign your name.

What is a CVV on a credit card?

The CVV (Card Verification Value) is a three digit code on the back of the credit card, which is calculated using a certain formula, using the credit card number. It is an added security measure in case an unauthorised person is able to copy down your credit card number, and is also an easy way to determine most 'fake' numbers.

How is someone's credit card limit determined?

Someone's credit card limit is determined by examining their credit score. Typically, one who has good credit will receive a much higher credit card limit than one who has a bad credit score.