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Remove all foreign material, i.e., rust, paint, etc. Apply bondo to clean, rough metal only.

Make sure metal is roughened to ensure adhesion of bondo to metal.

Begin shaping, sanding, just after bondo is set up, don't leave too long, will be difficult to sand.

Apply more bondo, to the sanded bondo, if needed, sand again - apply primer just prior to touch out glaze.

1. Use only fresh Bondo, not some that was opned last year. 2. Don't mix a large amount at one time. It will harden before you have a chance to apply. 3. Make sure your Bondo and hardener are well mixed. 4. Once you are shaped and sanded, get primer on it right away. Bondo and other fillers hold water. 5. Don't leave primer on too long without painting, it holds water as well. 6. When you're are shaping and sanding, WEAR A MASK. The dust can ruin your lungs.

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Q: What are tips for repairing a car with Bondo?
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