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wat is a good ponts about war

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Q: What are twenty good points about the Allies in World War 1?
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Who were the allies of US during World War 2?

they were good people

Name given to good guys in world war 2?

the Allies.

Was Russia good or bad in World War 1?

There is no bad side or good side but Russia was on the Allies Side.

How was the relationship between China and the other Allies in World War 2?

Just good.

Which side did Italy join during World War I?

Italy joined the the Allies because they thought the Allies would win. They are a very good guesser.

Are allies really a bad guy?

No. Allies are good guys. Do not believe the other answer that has the question are allies really are good guys! Even though allies are really good guys. They are not bad guys.

What were the good points of World War 2?

they would be safer in the countryside

What does it mean when people say axis where the bad guys and the allies where the good guys?

In World War 2 the Axis was made of Germany, Italy, and Japan. The Allies were the US, Great Britain, and the U.S.S.RNow that the war is over, the good guys are usually called the Allies and the bay one the Axis.

Who in world war 2 were the bad guys?

There was no bad guys in world war2 because the Allies thought they were the good guys and same with the Axis.

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You have to be really fast and good at math.

How many points does south Africa have in the world cup?

8000000000000000000(they did really good)

What is the duration of Twenty Good Years?

The duration of Twenty Good Years is 1440.0 seconds.

What countries were England's allies in World War 1?

America were England's biggest allies. France were also a good help to us. If you want more information then go to

What is the benefit for a country to have allies?

It was good for a country to have allies because the allies would help your country out with war or rescourses

Are the allies really are good guys?


How many Ashley nye is there in the world?

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Are china and Russia allies?

Russia and China has good relationships and that means that they are some kind of allies.

The allies and axis powers?

Allies - good guys Axis - bad guys during WWII

Are Bulgaria and Malaysia allies?

Bulgaria and Malaysia are good allies given that they are all part of NATO.

Who were the good countries involved in World War 2?

Britain, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and all their smaller allies.

Who were the key European allies of the patriots?


Who were the key Europeans allies of the patriots?


Why was the invasion of Normandy a good idea?

Yes, the invasion of Normandy was a good idea because the Allies needed to invade Europe to aid there French allies.

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