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Don't try too hard. I, personally, am impressed by random facts and knowledge haha. Music is also a good tool to make a good impression on someone. Being helpful and respectful is cool too. And be yourself!

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โˆ™ 2011-05-11 21:07:45
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Q: What are ways to impress a girl?
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How can a girl impress her boyfriend?

There are several ways a girl can impress her boyfriend. She can learn to play an instrument, sing a song, or even cook a nice dinner for her boyfriend.

How would you describe yourself to impress a girl?

There are a number of ways you could describe yourself to impress a girl. You could say you are smart and make a lot of money for example.

How do you impress a girl at tutions?

you can impress her to show your intelligency

How do you get a girl to say hi?

impress her but then how do u impress her?

How does a guy impress a girl?

To impress a girl you have got to be yourself, smile at her, be nice to her and just be sweet.

How to get a girl to go out with you who already has a boyfriend?

tell her you can treat her better then he can. over do him. impress impress impress.

How can impress a girl?

First of all, if you use proper English then that can impress a girl. Secondly, you impress a girl if you just be yourself, if the girl can't accept that then move on and find someone new! Good luck! :D

How do you impress girl if i am not handsome?

1. confidence, you can impress every girl dosnt matter you are handsome or not :D

How do you impress your crush in PE?

Impress a girl: be really amazing at whatever your doing Impress boy: be cute

How do you impress the girl you want to like you?

If you can play a nice song to her then that would impress her.

How should you impress a girl who loves someone else?

say to the girl your boyfriend has been cheating on you and after impress her and ask her out simple.

Can black boy impress white girl?

yes, a black boy impress a white girl if he has positive nature and atitude

What would Justin Bieber do to get a girl?

First of all he plays hard to get, but then he usally trys to impress, or lets his own self out so the girl knows who he really is. he has lots of ways!

How To Impress the girl?

buy her roses

How do you impress my girl friend?

With my manlihood.

How do you impress girl in Hindi language?


Why do boys take their shirts off?

To get a tan, to be cooler, to impress a girl, to impress a guy.

How to impress a girl who is ur childhood friend?

You can impress you childhood friend by treating her well.

What to do when a girl rejects?

try to impress that girl to make me accept

How do you impress a 15 years old girl?

To impress any girl of any age, you must treat her with respect and kindness. To really impress a girl you have to show her you were thinking about her and went the extra mile. For example, if she mentions a band she really likes make her a CD. Also, compliments impress girls.

How do you impress a girl that can be kind of controlling and bipolar at times and military type fierce?

That is hard to impress a girl like this but i will keep you updated with me and my gurl

How does an 11 year old boy impress an 12 year old girl?

the same way you impress any girl. by showing off

How to impress a strange girl within 1.5 month?

To impress a strange girl within months find out what she is interested in and ask her to do something she enjoys.

What should a girl do to impress a guy?

You shouldn't try to impress anyone. A guy should accept you as you are.

How Can You Impress A Girl In Middle School?

be yourself