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a kiss and a day together.

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Who is valentines day named after?

Valentines day is named after Saint Valentine

What does Saint Valentine have to do with Valentine's Day?

Valentines day was named after Saint Valentine.

What happens during Valentine's Day?

When you have a Valentine for Valentines Day , you will start dating them on that day (Valentines Day)

Why 14 Feb is celebrated as a official day for Valentines?

It is celebreated as Valentine day after saint Valentine.

Who was Valentines Day for?

Valentines Day was for Saint Valentine. Most stores just wanted to make it a holiday so they could get money by selling candy so they started the holiday Valentines day on the feast day of Saint Valentine

What does the name valentine stand for?

The Valentine in Valentines Day is in represenation of St Valentine the patron St of love.

Why Valentine day celebrate or not in India?

They do celebrate valentines day in India.

Who discovered Valentine's Day?

Valentines day was to recognize the death of Saint Valentine.

What is valentine day movie rated?

The movie Valentines Day is Pg-13.

Which is correct valentine or valentines?

Both are "correct" but it depends what you are talking about. It is Valentine's day and you ask people to be your valentine.

What is valentine in Irish?

Vailintín (Valentines day is Lá Fhéile Vailintín)

How did Arizona get its nickname the valentine state?

Arizona was founded on valentines day.

What is the plural of Valentine?

the plural of valentine is valentines

Will you be my valentine in icelandic?

Vilt þú vera mín 'valentine' ? We dont celebrate valentines day in Iceland, so we don't have a word for 'valentine'.

When is the right time to ask a guy to be your Valentine?

the day before Valentines day I'm a boy i no

How do you say Happy Valentines Day in German?

Frueliche Sanct valentine tagge

When is the movie my valentine coming out?

do you mean "valentines day"? is coming out February 11th

Why is valentines day celebrated in February?

Because that was the month that St. Valentine was born in.

What movies have the word valentine in the title?

Valentines Day, starring Taylor Launter

What type of bird symbolizes Valentines Day?

I believe it would be the Dove. Below is the website were I found it. http://www.indobase.com/holidays/valentines-day/valentine-day-symbols/index.html

Why is Valentines Day on February 14?

It was the day St. Valentine died thats all I know - Sydnie102

Who started valentines when was that?

Saint Valentine started valentines, obviously!

Why is valentine's day called valentines day?

Valentine's Day is celebrated partly because of the legend of Saint Valentine. Also, numerous early Christian martyrs were named Valentine.

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