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Slim to none. Usually cars bought via private party are sold 'as is', which means the seller makes no warranties to the vehicles condition or mechanical problems. In other words, WYSIWYG What You See Is What You Get - no more, and no less.

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Q: What are your options if you buy a lemon from a person and not a car dealer?
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What options do you have when you buy a used car from a dealership and then the engine dies and is unable to be fixed?

Sounds like you bought a lemon. Check out the lemon law.

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In North Carolina this form is used as a Dealer Reassigment of ownership. This means when a Dealer buy a car from a person or another dealer and then they re-sale the vehicle to another person or dealer. With this form the dealer does not have to register the vehicle on their name before selling it.

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Does a certified preowned car fall under lemon car laws?

If you plan to buy a used car, buy from a reputable dealer. If you purchase one from a new car dealership, the car will likely come with either the balance of the original manufacturer's warranty, or a second warranty backed up by the manufacturer and the dealer. It costs more to buy a used car from a new car dealer, but if you're concerned about being protected in case you buy a lemon, then it really is your best option. There's also another good reason to buy a certified preowned used car... The answer to your question if NO. A use car does not fall under the lemon law in any state I know of. That law only applies to new cars that are not preowned.

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