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European colonial possessions in Southeast Asia.

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What areas of the world are prone to tsunamis?

Iht is Japan And Philliopian :)

What are the terrestrial animals and the name the place occupy?

The terrestrial animals and the name the place occupy varies from animal to animal. Deer for example occupy forested areas.

What areas of Europe did the Soviet Union occupy after World War 2?

the whole of eastern europe, and over half of central europe.

What areas were bombed in world war 2 and why?

Lewsey luton London America japan china Germany

Areas in which world war 2 was fought?

Vietnam, France, Hawaii, Germany, Japan, Russia, China

In what ways do mountainous areas affect Japan population?

About 73% to 80% of Japan is mountainous and unsuitable for agricultural, industrial or residential use. This has resulted in an extremely high population density in the habitable zones that are mainly located in coastal areas. Furthermore, like most of the Japan (where mountains occupy about 80% of the total land area) wherever alluvial soils and flat plains are found urban development and agriculture compete for the use of the land.

What percentage of Japanese people live in rural areas?

35% of people live in rural areas in Japan 65% or people in Japan live in urban areas

What is the average square km in Disneyland?

The public areas of Disneyland occupy about 0.344 km2.

How is Japan divided into administrative areas?

Japan is divided into 47 prefectures.

Where does satumas grow?

The name Satsuma is after Satsuma in Western Japan. They are now grown in many areas of the world where conditions suit.

Where are high areas of population density in japan generally located?

high areas of population density in japan are generally located in Tokyo, Japans capital. high areas of population density in japan are generally located in Tokyo, Japans capital.

Do electrons occupy shells?

According to present theories 'shells' describe how electrons behave, so yes they do occupy shells. They are theoretical areas that explain how elements and molecules combine and work.

Does Japan have any volcanos?

Of the 840 active volcanoes in the world, Japan has almost 1/10 of them (approximately 80) The reason for the high number of volcanic areas is because Japan is located along the circum-Pacific volcanic belt.

What 3 areas seized by Germany before World War 2?

Scandanavia , Austria & Czechoslovakia

What are 3 areas that Japan took over during World War 2?

Parts of Alaska, parts of China, the Dutch East Indies.

How big is the area occupied by Disneyland in Anaheim CA?

The public areas of Disneyland occupy approximately 85 acres.

Does the koala live at the wetlands?

No. Koalas do not live in wetland areas, but they may occupy eucalyptus trees on the fringes of wetlands.

What land areas did the Ancient Aztecs occupy?

The Ancient Aztecs occupied most of the area that is modern-day Mexico.

Why did the US demand that Japan withdraw from China and Indochina?

Japan occupied these areas during World War II; they were not historic Japanese lands. The United States believed that Japan should be stripped of all non-ethnic Japanese lands at the end of World War II to lessen the possibility that Japan would ever become a violent and antagonistic empire ever again.

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