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Slow pay, repo, and it gets worse from there.

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Q: What bad things go on your credit history if a vehicle is repossessed?
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Can a credit report show settlement then repossession on the same vehicle?

A credit report is a record of all transations on a reported account. In the life of a vehicle loan, many things can happen. Over the typical four to five years, the vehicle may have been repossessed and then redeemed and paid off. In these cases, yes, repossession and settlement can show on the same vehicle, on the same credit report.

What are five things that may affect your credit score?

1. Payment History 2. Amounts Owed (Credit Utilization Rate) 3. Length of History 4. Credit Variance 5. New Credit

Which credit card should people with no prior credit history look for?

When one is looking for a credit card, and that person has no prior credit history, the most important things to look for are low interest and high insurance.

How long do negative things stay on credit history?

7 years

What do they consider when giving an insurance quote?

The rate depends on alot of factors. · Credit History · Prior Insurance Losses · Claims History · Motor Vehicle Record · Year, Make and Model of Vehicle · Annual Mileage · Mileage to Work/School · Age · Driving Experience · Marital Status Among other things…

How did buying on credit cause the Great Depression?

When people would buy expensive things on credit, and then buy more expensive things on credit, when the bill came around they couldn't afford it, and then what had been bought would be repossessed, but oftentimes what had been bought would lose value. thus, causing the great depression

Do you have to go bankrupt if your vehicle is repossessed?

No,no,no. Different things entirely. Although both mean its well past yimr to get financial control and change your spending/lifesryle habits.

What are some of the major factors they consider when giving an insurance quote?

This is a gay question next!!! The rate depends on alot of factors. · Credit History · Prior Insurance Losses · Claims History · Motor Vehicle Record · Year, Make and Model of Vehicle · Annual Mileage · Mileage to Work/School · Age · Driving Experience · Marital Status Among other things…

What makes your credit score go up?

Credit scores look at all the typical things. Do you have any credit accounts? You gotta have credit to have a credit score. How long have you had credit? What is your credit history like? Do you pay on-time or do you have significant delinquencies and defaults? A credit report is, in the simplest of terms, a history of how you have managed debt in the past. If that history is positive you will have a high score. If you have a history of not managing debt well, your score will reflect that. Aside from the simplicities, there are tips and tricks to help raise scores. But those won't work if you don't understand and practice the basics; namely, to borrow, then pay back, on time.

What are the things that credit card companies look for when you are looking for approval for a card?

Besides for your previous credit history, credit card companies may be looking at your criminal history, length of time at current residence, time at your current job, total annual income, and many other factors for approval of your credit line.

What is the importance of credit history?

Your credit rating is established partially on your credit history. Your credit history is based on the information that your creditors have reported to credit bureaus, including credit cards, loans, and even some utility bills. If you have little to no history, there's nothing to go off of to establish your rating, so your credit will be established at a lower rate. There are no prior indicators whether or not you're a delinquent or on-time payer. So, if you want to build your credit, get a credit card, charge a few things, and pay off the majority of the balance. Financial experts recommend keeping your account balances less than 50% of your available credit. It shows that you have the ability to pay back your debt.

Can you get a home loan with only one line of credit?

A home loan is dependent on many things. Down payment, credit score, etc. So yes but if you have little credit history it will be more difficult.

What does insufficient credit file mean?

There is not enough credit history for the lender to make a decision. The credit file is a history and if it doesn't go back far enough, or have enough accounts on it, they can't make an informed decision. To solve try to get small things that will appear on your credit, possibly a card with a 500 dollar limit, etc.

What happens when the co-signer on a vehicle loan is unable to pay off the car loan after the vehicle has been repossessed from the primary owner?

the same things that happen to the primary signor. Judgements, garnishments, leins, ect. You are learning to hrad way about co-signing. Good Luck

How much does classic car insurance commonly cost?

The best way to get a quote for insurance is to apply online at The cost of insurance depends on many things including your credit history, type of vehicle, how often it's driven and the level of insurance you desire to purchase.

How long after your car is repossessed can you get finacing for another vehicle without a large down payment or going to a buy here pay here place?

This question can not be answered in months, days and hours, it depends on several things. How much do you consider LARGE,ect. how well you do at rebuilding your credit rating, how well you know the loan officer. Could be 6 months or 6 years.

How much are abandoned vehicle storage fees in Nevada?

I just had my car repossessed and they told me i have to pay 75 dollars to get my personal things out. Also it hasnt been 24 hours. Im not sure is it illegal to charge that fee?

Where can one apply for a first credit card?

Credit card is available at any bank but you require a few things: 1. Even-though you can get your card legally by 18, it is of importance that you have a credit history. 2. It is possible for you to get a credit card before 18 but you need your parents consent.

Can a repo man move a vehicle by force to gain entry to the vehicle being repossessed without the owner permission?

Most of your descriptive terms are variable and could mean different things to different people. Did you see him do it??? Why do I ask?? IF you didnt see it happen, you dont know if he used "force" or not. Merry Christmas

Is an rbs credit card as good as visa or mastercard?

An RBS credit card is actually a mastercard. So yes can be as good as any other visa or mastercard depending on many factors including your credit history which helps to determine things like your credit limit and interest rate.

What are the five things that are used to calculate your FICO credit score?

Number of credit inquiries, number of open accounts, length those accounts have been open, payment history, percentage of available credit...there are more, but those are 5 big ones.

How do you recover things that were left in a car that was repossessed?

Go to the repo company and get your stuff back.The lender should be able to tell who has your things.

What is the purpose of an experian report?

An Experian report shows your credit history. It gives details of your personal history and financial behaviour. It can give pointers to why you are getting turned down for such things as loans and mortgages.

How do you start credit?

For someone just starting out, the best advice is to establish spending habits that will help you to make and keep your credit strong. Your credit score, which is a grade of how well you handle credit and loans, depends on two things: 1) The length of your credit history i.e. Do you have a track record that lets people see how well you handle credit? 2) The quality of your credit history i.e. During the time that you’ve had a credit history, have you created a pattern of making payments on time and according to the terms of your loan or credit agreements?The best way to build a credit history and then to get good credit, is to own a line of credit through a financial tool like a credit card. Keep your credit balance in good standing by making charges and then making monthly credit payments on time. But make sure never to spend more money than you can handle.FYI: The credit reporting agency Equifax provides a helpful website with information on credit. It’s written for the general public, so it's very easy to read.

Do you have a credit report if you have no credit history?

this is the funny thing about credit reports. if you have never had a credit card, overdraft, store card or paid for something in installments then you won't have a credit history therefore you will not have a report to print. so in-order to get a report you must do one of those above things. my advice if it is really needed either get a credit card and don't use it (or just cut it up lol) or ask your bank for an interest free overdraft and don't go into it or make sure you clear it each month. hope this helps