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What belts and hoses should be replaced when changing the water pump in a 1998 Audi A4 V6?


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2005-05-03 19:01:56
2005-05-03 19:01:56

All these here should be replaced as per post somewhere else: timing belt, water pump, tensioner, tensioner pulley, and idler pulley


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Radiator hoses and heater hoses should be inspected yearly and replaced when neccessary.

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Change belts when they become dry enough to form small cracks across the ribs. Hoses when they feel thin when squeezed or bulge near clamps.

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You should change water pump, all hoses (water hoses) and have radator checked and flushed, belts ? replace thermostst for sure. A new engine will run hotter because it is tighter and has more friction. This is cheap insurince This will help you on warrenty if something happens to the engine.

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Besides the head gasket and head bolts, any other gaskets, hoses, belts and coolant damaged or lost during the process.

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