What breed of dog has the most documented cases of biting people nationwide?

It may surprise you, but Cocker Spaniels are right near the top of the list... and have been for seven or eight years now. Most of the bites reported tend to be from large dogs, and that's simply because they do the most damage. However, I wouldn't be at all shocked to learn that the real "bite leaders" are small dogs like Toy Poodles, Pomeranians, and Chihuahuas. People get bit by these little guys every day - but no one reports the bites because they aren't serious. There's a big difference between the imprint in your leg left by a Rottie vs. a Shih Tzu.

Dalmatians can often get aggressive and snap, as well as Chow Chows

German Shepherd dogs are at the top of the list, then wolf-hybrids. However, those are only of the reported cases. Bites from small dogs are rarely reported & happen very often.

'Pit' Bull Terriers do not have a 'locking jaw' and in fact lost a bite pressure test as compared to German Shepherds and Rotties. Course, if you want to know which dog produces the most fatalities from their bites, the answer is overwhelmingly pit-bull.