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It may surprise you, but Cocker Spaniels are right near the top of the list... and have been for seven or eight years now. Most of the bites reported tend to be from large dogs, and that's simply because they do the most damage. However, I wouldn't be at all shocked to learn that the real "bite leaders" are small dogs like Toy Poodles, Pomeranians, and Chihuahuas. People get bit by these little guys every day - but no one reports the bites because they aren't serious. There's a big difference between the imprint in your leg left by a Rottie vs. a Shih Tzu.

Dalmatians can often get aggressive and snap, as well as Chow Chows

German Shepherd dogs are at the top of the list, then wolf-hybrids. However, those are only of the reported cases. Bites from small dogs are rarely reported & happen very often.

'Pit' Bull Terriers do not have a 'locking jaw' and in fact lost a bite pressure test as compared to German Shepherds and Rotties. Course, if you want to know which dog produces the most fatalities from their bites, the answer is overwhelmingly pit-bull.


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They are the most documented breed in both the united states and canada.

You need to get a breed test done on it. Pedigree can refer to the lineage or genealogical descent of people, whether documented or not, or of animals, whether purebred or not. This can only be known through testing.

I can relate to such problems. Depending on your breed, the amount of biting varies. Mostly, put him out for timeout when he bites, or from what I've heard, calmly saying "No" or "No bite" while holding the mouth closed should work.

Head lice live, breed and eat off the scalp. The itching and irritation comes from them biting and feeding off blood in the scalp.

All breeds of pit bull trace back to England. The earliest documented pit bull in England is 1042 but as a breed it was not officially recognized until 43 years later.

No. Dalmatian is a dog breed, not a cattle breed.

There is not a breed of dog that is known for being a biting breed. Although there are several breeds that are know to be aggressive such as Dobermans, Pit Bulls, and Rottweiler's. This is at debate not a proven fact. What is proven is a matter of statistics. Pit bulls (and pit bull mixes) have overwhelmingly caused the most fatalities in the last few years.

People breed giant pandas in facilities and in zoos. They also breed them in the wild . {well breed then self}

I think the best breed of dog is a labrador retriever. They don't have long hair, and they are smart. (P.S. They are good to retrieve stuff!) If you are a runner, I suggest you get a big dog, not a little dog. Toy Poodles and Shih-Tzus are cute. And Pit-Bulls and Maltese are nice. (If you are worried about pit bulls biting you, you actually have a better chance of a cocker-spaniel, shih-tzu, or chihuahua biting you).

The Pit bull has killed the most people, surprisingly, as they are so friendly. The second breed that has killed the most people is the Rottweiler.

As pit bulls tend to be a very aggressive dog breed, the first documented pit bull attack is difficult to locate. The breed has existed as early as the 19th century and that is likely when the first pit bull attack occurred.

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No dog breed is good for busy people. A cat or bird would be a better choice.

age,breed,hight,what it used to do [pleasure,western,english,jumping,eventing ect] and if it has any medical problems or problems like biting or bucking (alot)

None, it would be abnormal if any dog does not bark, though biting varies from breed to breed and temper.Another answer:The Basenji, an African dog breed, is sometimes called the "barkless dog." They do vocalize, but the sound they make is not the typical "bark" of other breeds.Any dog, even calm-natured ones, will bite if sufficiently provoked.

the blacktuli and braman

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As a responsible owner, you should always assume that everyone is looking for a reason to sue you. And people can and will sue you for ANY reason under ANY circumstance. That does not mean they will win, but you don't want the hassle. Always crate your dog, whether pit or any other breed, when new people enter your house. An ounce of prevention.................

People who breed pit bulls HAVE NO education, it's cruel and sickening

they are different breed

There will be horses who have great hearing but it doesn't depend on the breed. Just like people; people of the same race can have better hearing than their cousin.

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