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The major accomplishment of the New Deal was to ease the economic hardships felt by most during the Great Depression. This preserved confidence in the American institutions and averted any attempts to radically change our basic economic and political structure. The relief measures of the New Deal did put people to work. But the New Deal failed in its attempt to achieve a complete economic recovery. The recession of 1937 was proof that the New Dealers had not unlocked the secrets of maintaining economic prosperity during peacetime. Only when the nation began to prepare for World War II, along with massive purchases of American goods from abroad (and American rearmament), did the Great Depression come to an end. By 1939 the economy was on an upswing and by 1940, after war had begun in Europe, the Great Depression was history.

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There is no specific date, but it ended in the late 30's/early 40's.

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Antidepresants where invented

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Q: What brought an end to the Great Depression?
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World war 11 brought an end to?

I presume you mean WW2 not 11, but i brought an end to the great depression

What finally brought tje Great Depression to an end?

Another world war

What brought the great depression to an end in the U.S.?

World War II (by Solomon Zelman)

What event brought an end to many of the liberal governments in latin America?

great depression

Who brought out the us from of the Great Depression?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt and World War II brought us out of the Great Depression.

What brought the us economy out of the great depression what brought the u.s. economy out of the great depression?

Mainly, it was World War II.

How should you end your Great Depression story?

How about "And that was my story on the great depression."

What world event brought an end to the great depression?

The major world-event that brought an end to the Great Depression was World War II. Creating a great demand for arms, vehicles, and supplies of all kinds, the war infused economies around the world with renewed activity and even profit, thereby giving life to what had been a general stagnation in many of the world's modern nations.

How was the United State brought out the great depression?

Basically WW2 brought the country out of the depression because war machinery was needed and ships/ planes built.

What war brought the US out of the great depression?

it was brought out by world war II, but most people want to think the war just made the depression worse.

What finally brought world war 2 to an end?

The war ended when USA dropped Nuclear Bombs in Japan.

How was Saudi Arabia effected by the great depression?

Saudi Arabia like other countries, was greatly effected by the Great Depression. Tourism plummeted in Saudi Arabia during the Great Depression and that brought less income into the economy.