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What burglars do?


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December 31, 2011 6:36PM

Burglars illegally enter property (houses, garages, warehouses) and steal the contents.

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March 28, 2011 1:23AM

Though most people in America attend co-ed high schools, students who go to single-sex schools often report greater happiness, better grades and more extracurricular activities. However, some parents worry that their students will miss out on important opportunities of socialization by attending single-sex schools. Both co-ed and single-sex schools have their own benefits, so it's important for parents to make an informed choice based on the student's own interests and talents. In order to decide where you should send your student to high school, it's important to think about his or her academic achievements, areas of struggle and social aptitude.

Generally, students who excel academically should attend high schools where they will be challenged and pushed to reach new limits. Neither single-sex nor co-ed schools are necessarily better for this, but it is important to think about the programs each school offers. Most single-sex schools tend to be private academies where scholarship is rigorous, while there is a greater range of academic enforcement among co-ed schools. Students that are driven to achieve academically should be sent to schools where they will be adequately prepared for college or further studies. Review programs at the schools in your area to determine where your student's greatest chances of success lie.

It's also important to think about the areas where your student struggles. Studies have shown that students, particularly girls, are more likely to participate in single-sex classrooms than in co-ed environments. If you are worried about your student's proclivity to fall into classroom stereotyping, it might be best to send him or her to a single-sex school. However, outgoing students that show no difficulty expressing opinions in the classroom will do equally well in co-ed and single-sex schools.

A student's social aptitude is also an essential consideration as you choose between single-sex and co-ed schools. You can best determine where your student will succeed by sending him or her to "shadow" an older student at both schools. Some students will gain better social experience by being around boys and girls at school, as this teaches them to handle people of all types. It also prepares them for the workplace and for college environments, which will likely be co-ed. However, some students will develop greater senses of self-confidence in a single-sex environment, that will help them to adjust to co-ed situations more easily later in life.