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Parts for an American Gun Company shotgun will only be found as part of another shotgun. Haunt the local gunshows for one that is being parted-out. As for the gauge (not caliber), did you mean "bigger than a 410"? There have been 24, 28, and 32 gauge shotguns made. Of these, only the 28 is still available in the US, but I believe 32 gauge shells may still be commercially loaded in Europe.

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Q: What caliber is an American Gun Company double barrel shotgun with a number 5511 on all parts smaller than 20 gauge bigger than 20 gauge and where can you get parts for it?
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What is the order of gun caliber?

smaller the number, the smaller the caliber.

What is the difference between 32 caliber and 9mm caliber?

9mm is roughly .35 caliber, .32 caliber is slightly smaller, 3 hundredths of an inch smaller, in diameter.

How much is 16 caliber in inches?

Written as .16 caliber (notice the decimal point?), that would be a VERY tiny bullet- .16 inches in diameter. That is smaller than a metal BB- which is between .17 and .18 inches. Written as 16 caliber (no decimal point) it would refer to the length of a cannon barrel- 16 times longer than it is wide. But you may have caliber confused with gauge- shotgun shell sizes are usually given in gauges. A 16 GAUGE shotgun is about .69 caliber- or .69 inches across the shell. They are smaller than a 12 gauge, bigger than a 20 gauge (with gauge, smaller number means bigger)

Which is larger 30 gauge or 20 gauge?

There is no "30 guage" firearm. The term Gauge is used to denote the diameter of a shotgun barrel- the smaller the number, the larger the barrel. Rifles and handguns are denoted in calibers- caliber being one inch, and expressed as decimal fractions in 1/100th of an inch. If you are trying to compare a 20 gauge shotgun to a .30 caliber rifle, the 20 guage is about .690 caliber, versus .308 caliber for the rifle. Shotgun is much gigger in this case. But if there were a 30 gauge, the 20 gauge would be larger.

Is there a 61 caliber gun?

.61 Caliber is the same as 20 gauge. Rifles are generally measured in caliber which is expressed as bore diameter. A .44 magnum means a .44 inch bore; similarly countries with the metric system use metric bore measurements (ie. 9mm Luger) Shotgun measurements are expressed in gauges. Gauge measurements are fractions of a 1 pound ball of lead. A one gauge shotgun shoots a one pound ball of lead. A 12 gauge takes 12 round lead balls to equal a pound and a 10 gauge equals a tenth of a pound. The smaller the gauge; the larger the bore. The only shotgun I am aware of that is measured differently is the .410 shotgun which is approximately .45 caliber or a 67.62 gauge.

What is the smaller caliber rifle than a 3030?


Difference between 32 and 38 colt police positive?

32 caliber is a little smaller then the 38 caliber

Which is a bigger handgun a 40 caliber or a 45 caliber?

Either platform can be larger than the other. The 45 has the larger projectile. Caliber is defined as the diameter in fractions of an inch, so .40 caliber is smaller in diameter than .45 caliber. Caliber can also be defined in the metric system, measured in milimeters. The .40 caliber cartridge is equivalent to 10mm in diameter. As noted, the size of a handgun can vary widely within one caliber, so it is perfectly reasonable to have a smaller handgun crafted in a larger caliber.

What is the lowest caliber bullet?

In the usual sense of caliber, it means the diameter of the bullet. The smallest commercial caliber is the .17 rimfire, but there have been MUCH smaller caliber firearms, down to the 1-2 mm range. That is about .05 to .10 caliber.

Can you shoot a lower caliber bullet out of a 25?

No. A smaller caliber will either not fire at all, or will split the cartridge casing if it does fire.

How big is 10 caliber?

Properly written as .10 caliber (notice the decimal ?) a .10 caliber firearm would fire a VERY tiny bullet- 1/10th of an inch in diameter- less than half the size of a .22 caliber. However, since very few firms have ever made a cartridge that tiny, you MAY be referring to a 10 GAUGE shotgun- which is VERY large- about 3/4ths of an inch in diameter. With shotguns, the smaller the gauge, the bigger the shell.

What is the difference between a 9mm caliber and a 45 caliber?

The most basic answer is, a 9mm has a smaller diameter. Other differences, (in most cases) less muzzle energy, smaller and lighter bullet, higher velocity.

Can 45 caliber marlin Higgins shoot 30-30 caliber ammo?

No, it won't fit. The .45 caliber bullet is 0.45" in diameter; the .30 caliber bullet is .15" smaller. The brass is different size too.

What is the difference between a 22 caliber and 9mm caliber bullet?

The .22 bullet is smaller than the 9mm in size, (about 6mm) and is lighter in weight.

How big is 300 caliber?

We assume you mean .300 caliber. That is 30/100ths of an inch. A bit smaller than the diameter of a regular pencil.

What caliber is a Stevens smooth bore smaller than 410 but not by much?

Stevens made several smoothbore guns chambered for .22, .32 and .44 rimfire shotshells. A .32 rimfire would be .09 inches smaller in diameter than a .410 and a lot shorter. There were 9MM shotshells which would be about .05 inches smaller, but I don't think Stevens ever made a shotgun for these.

Have a Colt Peacemaker serial 229482 Caliber smaller than a 38 What can it be It was a movie Prop pistol and has shot only blanks What caliber can it be?

suggest you check writting on barrel. it should indicate caliber..............

What caliber is a squirrel gun?

The term "squirrel gun" was used with muzzle loading rifles that were smaller caliber than deer rifles. There was no one set caliber, but many were in .32 caliber, where a deer rifle would be .50, .54 or larger.

Who is Berkshire Hathaway?

Berkshire Hathaway is an American multinational holding company. This company has its headquarters in Omaha Nebraska. The company itself manages many smaller subsidiary companies throughout the United States.

What is the difference between a Dodge Caliber and a Honda Accord?

A Caliber is smaller, only available as a station-wagon-looking five-door hatchback, and is a Dodge.

Is a 32 caliber pistol larger than a 380 caliber pistol?

There are several DIFFERENT .32 caliber cartridges. The .32 bullet is smaller in diameter than a .380. SOME .32 cartridges are longer, and have more power, such as the .327 magnum. And some .32 pistols are smaller than some .380 pistols, and vice versa. The caliber has nothing to do with the size of the gun.

How many mm is 9 caliber?

9 caliber is 0.09 inch, smaller than any standard ammunition made. 0.09 inch = 2.286 mm. Perhaps you were thinking "What caliber is 9 mm?". 9 mm = 0.354 inch = 35.4 caliber.

What is the difference between a 12 guage shotgun and a 20 guage?

A 12 gauge shotgun is determined by the fact that 12 solid balls of lead will fit into the bore of the gun and thus these 12 solid balls of lead will equal a pound. Likewise, it takes 20 solid balls of lead fitting into the barrel of a 20 gauge shotgun to equal a pound. 10 solid balls of lead that equal a pound fitting in the bore of a shotgun would make that a 10 gauge, like wise a 16 gauge and a 28 gauge. There have been 8 gauge guns but an exception to all this is the 410 which is not a gauge but a caliber. The caliber of a 410 shotgun is .410 or there a bouts. Some research on your part will help you understand more if your desire but you can see that smaller balls make gauges with larger numbers and therefore, a larger number gauge like 20 will shoot shells that are smaller in diameter than those shot in a 12 gauge.

What is a squirrel gun?

In the days of black powder, muzzle-loading firearms, a large caliber lead bullet was standard- somewhere around .69 caliber. While this was good for deer and bear, it was far too powerful for small game, such as squirrel. A much smaller caliber rifle was developed, typically firing a .32 or smaller bullet. This was far less destructive of the meat of small game, and cost far less to shoot. These smaller caliber guns became nicknamed "Squirrel rifles".

Is there an AUG submachine gun?

Some AUG assault rifles can be modified to be smaller and fire a smaller caliber of bullet, but these are not true submachine guns.