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Read the book "How to win friends and influence people" by Dale Carnegie. Other advice, be friendly and be the type of person you would want to be around. Develope a sense of humor, learn some jokes or just tell people funny stuff that happens to you - funny stories (whether true or not) make people laugh. If a person laughs, you will find they like you instantly. Also, listening and asking lots of questions to someone will help you win friends. People like a good conversationalist (no questions which would make a yes/no answer). People love to talk about themselves so ask away! Pretty soon, you will know lots about them and find that you have lots in common, plus they will feel great that someone is interested in what they have to say. Remember names, a person's name is the most important word in the world to them. When you say "Hi Susan," that person feels good knowing you remembered her name and will feel more important.

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Q: What can a 22-year-old girl do to make friends or be a person people want to REALLY be around?
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It really depends on the person. It is not uncommon for gay people to have gay friends. Most people tend to be most comfortable around friends they have things in common with. It isn't a concrete rule, and it doesn't mean that ALL of their friends have to fit into one specific profile.

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I don't really get the question,but if you are asking how to get friends....THATS SIMPLE. Just act yourself around people you might like.

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just talk to the people you do not know and if you do not know anyone then just walk around and make friends there is no reason to be shy

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People who you have met or talked to but who you would not really call friends are often described as "acquaintances" or still called friends even if you do not like them that much.

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Yes, alcoholism is really a bad thing because it destroys your immune system. also it affect relationship with your family members & with your good friends. So, If you want to be happy then avoid alcoholism. & tell people, friends around you to stop it.

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Means nothing. People smile at people all the time and they do it to be nice. Of course, he is going to laugh around his friends.

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around 30 but it really matters were you live; i you live in a bad neighborhood you'll probably be friends with less people. but around 30 as an average

How do you be friends with a girl?

Girls are just people. It's really no different.

What should you do if you always hang out with your best friend but your best friends don't really like you?

Then they are not your best friends. There are plenty of really nice people out there, try and hang out with some new people then see how you feel.

How many friends is regular people supposed to have?

Generally people have as many friends as they would like to. Some people are shy and they tend to associate with a less number of people because it makes them feel comfortable being around their small group of friends, its not that they are antisocial or anything. However some people love to have a lot of people around them and they tend to have a tonne of friends or people with whom they hang out with. There is no limit to the number of friends that a person can have.

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His friends may be following you around as they may be interested in your friends. If you told your "crush" you like him but you think you are better than them with you "class" you may be trying to get to know or meet the wrong group of people and may have to look towards people that fit your group or "class" that will make you all more happy. or maybe..... they are just really really has a deep interest on you............ good one

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If you are really friends, tell that person that their words have hurt you, accept the apology, stop whining friends arnt like in the movies

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Because it would make their friends wet.

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What is the value of style?

Style is something people like to have when they are around their friends. They try and be cool for people who are stuck up and they think they are all that. The value of it really means nothing. You should be yourself and no one else. : )