What can be construed to be an unintended result of the US Constitutions responsibility it conferred upon the executive branch?

What the Framers did was to create, and by all accounts not set forth in extended debate was the inferred " feeling" that the executive branch would have a superior perspective on certain matters of state not forbidden by the Constitution. And, without abdicating the so-called balance of power. The almost immediate effect, as a prime example, was the Constitutional provision empowering the US president to receive ambassadors and other foreign public ministers into the executive mansion. This seemed harmless enough, famous last words, ( writers phrase ). However by receiving an envoy implied a decision that conferred such a person to represent a legitimate government which with the US should have diplomatic relations.When the envoy from the French revolutionary government, namely "Minister Genet, was received, it was too late. Implicitly the "unknown" revolutionary French ( guillotenish ) government was thereby recognized.