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What can be done to drastically minimize the constant upkeep of an unused and really undesired 11 x 16 inground vinyl-lined pool?


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2004-09-04 17:46:30
2004-09-04 17:46:30

Here are a few suggestions: 1. Use test strips to test for chlorine, pH, and alkalinity rather than using "test tube" kits. The strips are fast and will tell you all you need to know. 2. Install an in-line chlorine feeder. This will slowly feed chlorine into the pool automatically. You can adjust the amount of chlorine via a dial on the outside of the unit. 3. Cover the pool with a quality pool cover. This will help keep the pool clean, reduce chlorine usage, and reduce the need to vacuum. 4. Install an automatic timer for the filter (if you don't already have one). This should reduce the amount of time it takes to keep the pool running to a minimum. Hope this helps ...


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