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What can be put down a garbage disposal?

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Only veg and fruit peelings and waste food . NO bones of any kind, no onion skins, nothing like cocktail sticks, toothpicks, or any other hard product. Any of these may jam it and burn out the motor.

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Should you put banana peels down the garbage disposal?

Yes, you can. Just make sure to have the faucet on whenever you put something down the garbage disposal. Never put bones down the garbage disposal.

Can you put spinach down a garbage disposal?


Can you put cooked broccoli down the disposal?

Yes, you can put cooked, or raw, broccoli in the garbage disposal. It will in no way damage the disposal.

Can you put egg shells down a garbage disposal?

Yes you can,

Can you put fingernail clippings down a garbage disposal?

Yes but why

Can you put chicken skin in the garbage disposal?

No, you can not place chicken skin down a garbage disposal. If you placed chicken skin down a garbage disposal you could back up your drains because the skin does not get broken up by the blades.

Can you put corn in garbage disposal?

yes it won't hurt your garbage disposal to put corn in it

Can you put cabbage down a garbage disposal?

yes you can the garbage disposal chops things fine and it is ok to put that down there because it will be chopped up and go down the sink properly You can put anything down a garbage disposal! it will take anything you can fit, but back to your question , Yes but most vegi material needs lots of water when you use your garbage disposal because it needs more flow to flush down the drain so when you do put cabbage in it just break it up more and put it in slow with the faucet on cold.

What happens if your red orange goldfish bites you?

You put him down the garbage disposal.

Can you put bones down a garbage disposal?

You put it in a blender and then it makes it fall apart and then u can put itvdown

Can you put broccoli in a garbage disposal?

Broccoli is too fibrous to put in the disposal.

Is it okay to put coffee grounds down a garbage disposal?

Doesn't hurt a thing.

What can you put down a garbage disposal?

Vegetable peelings and soft leftover food. ONLY.

Can you put paper napkins down the garbage disposal?

no or else it would be broken afterwards

Should raw cabbage leaves be put in the garbage disposal?

Raw cabbage leaves should not be put into the garbage disposal as it will badly plug up the disposal. Other items that should not put into the garbage disposal include banana peels, onion skins and celery.

Can you put coffee grounds down a garbage disposal?

NO. coffee can combine with grease and clog your drain

Can you put citrus fruit peeling down a septic tank garbage disposal?

no u cant

Can you put eggs or eggs hells in a garbage disposal?

Yes, you can put both eggs and eggshells in the garbage disposal. Placing a lemon in the disposal is a great way to remove odors.

Is it possible for a rodent to enter a sink garbage disposal... For the second time I found what looked like shredded pork in my disposal. I have not put anything like that down there at all?

Yes, a rodent could either crawl or fall down into garbage disposal.

How do you snake a kitchen sink with a garbage disposal?

Take out the garbage disposal, clean it out completely and properly and snake the line with the disposal out and then put the disposal back and all will be fine.

Can you put tomato in a garbage disposal?

Yes u can put tomato in a garbag e disposal

Can you put lettuce in a garbage disposal?

Sure, why not!

Can you put frosting in a garbage disposal?

Yes,because it a garbage disposal.don't you see the word garbage.

Can you put chicken bones in a garbage disposal?

Yes you can place a small amount of bones down the disposer

Can you put lettuce down a garbage disposal?

Yes, any veg is good, except onion skins.