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If you mean your car has a big engine but your car isn't going as fast as you know the car can with that size of engine. If that's what your thinking of than your car probably has a chip wich is limmitin your speed.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 22:04:01
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Q: What can be the reason for low car speed even if engine speed is good enough?
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You have an Oldsmobile Achievawith a 5 speed manual is that the original engine?

You didn't even list what engine it has or the year.

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How does it effect your car when the input output speed sensor goes out?

I doubt that you even will be able to start the engine.

Why does engine continue to run for a few seconds after ignition is turned off It is not dieseling?

It could be a serious carbon build-up in the cylinders, which glows hot enough to ignite the fuel even when there is no spark. The only reason the engine stops when you turn the key is that the spark stops. So if something else can ignite the fuel, the engine will run.

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Why do engine looses acceleration after a certain speed?

Acceleration is the a change in speed or direction. Once a vehicle reaches a point where it is maintaining its speed but no longer increasing (or decreasing) the acceleration is zero. Even though you may be moving rapidly it is at a constant speed.

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What could happen to the vehicle if the ets is not working properly?

Your engine will supply power even if you don't have enough grip. And you will have an dash light.

Why does starter only engage part of the time?

The starter in your vehicle works at a very low speed. It is only used to crank the engine enough to help it run from a standstill. The car's normal idle speed is +/- 700 - 800rpm. Even at this low speed it would be too fast for the starter to handle. Furthermore, keeping the starter engaged would cause unnecessary wear on the starter parts, as well as the flywheel gear (ringgear). It would also be another mechanical device the engine has to turn, thus decreasing the efficiency.

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Why is your Hyundai elantra 2001 chek engine light is on even there is no problem with the engine?

The light is on for a reason. Go to a major chain auto parts store and they will read the code for you, free. That will give you an idea what is wrong.

It is your understanding that Villager engine are non-interference?

The Villager engines are NOT interference engines, even though some catalogs claim they are. The reason is that it is a Nissan engine, and the Nissan versions are interference, the Mercury ones are not.

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Can a battery that fails the storage capacity test keep an engine from starting - even when the engine still cranks?

No. If you have enough power for the engine to crank then it has enough power to run the other systems. ALSO..i've started a car with a good battery and replaced it with "unknown battery" and it has stalled the motor. Starter and everything was good. Technically, even if the battery is dead and all other systems are normal this shouldn't happen. Go figure.

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Is there enough valve clearance from the piston on a Mazda mx3 1.8 when the timing belt slips?

''no ,it is an interference engine'' Wrong! Not even one mx-3 with 1.8 v6 engine have an interference engine! Your belt may slip or even split in half, no harm will be done to engine- valves will not be bent. Checked on my own experience 2x. If the timing belt slips, you may not be able to start you car , or it may work like machine gun(firing sounds)- very rough idle, not able to pick up speed e.t.c (depends on how many ''teeth'' of timing belt have slipped).

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Land Rover Defender Top Speed is 87 mph. The engine is a plodder, even w/its six-speed box,having to haul a gross train weight approaching five tonnes.

What things affect the speed of a car?

Aerodynamics of the car, power of the engine, the dimensions of the tyres, ride height, road surface and even the quality of the fuel in the tank.