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What can cause a 96 Windstar speedometer to float at various speeds?

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2011-09-13 22:04:14

I have talked wth 4 other people who own the 96 windstar and

theirs all do it too...Just another ford mess up !!!

A2: I had a 95 that did it and I pulled the speedo head out and

lubed the cable. This solved the problem. Once you have the head

removed you can pull the internal cable out lube it and reinstall.

Of course mine was a mechanical speedo. I am not sure on a 96 but I

think it is manual also.

Where the cable goes through the firewall near the brake master

cylinder the cable has a place you can separate it by unscrewing a

connector. Without doing this it is virtually impossible to remove

the head. Believe me I tried before I figured that out. Then it was

easy. Good luck. MGL

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