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sounds like the 4x4 hubs need checking. if you are mechanical and have a shop mauel this is not a difficult job.expensive if you take it to a shop, but not expensive if you do it yourself

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What is the grinding noise on a megane 2?

It depends on where the grinding noise is coming from. Most of the time the grinding is coming from the brakes and the brake pads need to be replaced. If they've been grinding for a while, the rotors will need to be resurfaced or replaced. Other possibilities for grinding are worn axle bearings, or a problem with the clutch. If the clutch goes out, there will be a grinding noise when you try to shift gears.

How long should wheel bearings last on infiniti 130t?

Bearings on Inifinitis should be replaced after every 30,000 km. If not, they can start grinding with or without noise. If you drive in this fashion for a while, you risk losing a wheel.

Why is my Car making grinding noise?

AnswerThere are a couple of things... If it happens when you are turning and the sound gets louder then it is your CV Joint that needs to be replaced. If the grinding noise is only when you break then it is your break pads and they need to be replaced. If it is just when you drive and is pretty loud then it is your wheel bearings. Don't get bent out of shape if you replace one wheel bearing and the noise is there... it just means you probably should replace all the wheel bearings (better anyways).

What would cause a grinding noise after a tire is replaced?

What would cause a grinding noise after a tire is replaced and the brakes are not worn?

Are bearings replaced in a car expensive?

Depends on the vehicle and which bearings. Wheel bearings, not so expensive. Main bearings inside the engine, expensive.

Have 02 Saturn SL 2 26000 mi grinding noise when turning right or left has new brakes tie rods steering rack all dealer replaced this week still makes grinding sound when turning right left?

Bad wheel bearings usually cause a grinding noise, and are known to only cause it when turning.

Your water pump is making grinding noise in 2001 dodge caravan?

The pump will need replaced if it is grinding.

What does it mean when the steering on my 97 aerostar makes a grinding noise when it is turned back and forth?

grinding means the bearings inside steering column are worn out go to a steering column specialist to have them replaced if you leave it to long, you will also need new shaft in column, then the cost will go up by about 400 bucks

What would cause your car to make a grinding sound while turning your wheel to the right while driving only?

The grinding is a worn CV joint. Get it replaced before it causes more damage! A worn wheel bearing will make the same noise answer worn wheel bearings or worn brake pads will be the cause

Replaced rings honed cylinders replaced crank bearings now crank wont turn when cap nuts are torqued what can you do?

Check for proper bearing clearance. It is easy to get the wrong size bearings.

Can you repack the front hub bearings on a 1998 Z71 Chevy pickup 4x4?

The hub bearings in a 1998 Z71 can not be repacked. The bearings are part of the hub, and the hub assembly will have to be replaced.

Does a 95 Chevy Suburban have a carburetor?

No, a 1995 Chevrolet Suburban does not have a carburetor. The carburetors were changed in 1995 and replaced with fuel injectors.

Chevy blazer is making loud noise and not wanting to stop correctly is it the ball bearings?

Its not your bearings you idiot its your brakes. Take it in and have them replaced.

Front wheel on the drivers side is leaning outward?

Bad ball bearings. Check to see the bearings and the casing does not need to be replaced.

How do you remove the ignition switch of a 97 Suburban?

you can take it to be replaced it has a recall on them

How do you repair a cracked manifold on my suburban?

It must be REPLACED with another 1.

What does it mean when your brakes make grinding noise when you stop?

The brake pads are worn out and need to be replaced. The grinding sound means your brakes are about to stop working.

My 2001 new beetle nas a front end noise Sounds like wheel bearings grinding but I've had them replaced. Noise is worse about 80 kms per hour. Sort of a gear noise?

Erm yes that should be your brake pads, you should get them replaced quick or the damage will be even worse! Or Could be your engine, so i would get them both replaced promptly.

What causes oil loss in a 2003 suburban?

There are a few different reasons for oil loss in a 2003 Suburban. This could be because the oil filter needs to be replaced or the oil drain plug needs to be replaced.

Why might a 1994 Chevrolet Suburban not be getting hot?

If a 1994 Chevrolet Suburban is not getting hot, it may need to heating core replaced.

What would cause a 2006 F150 make a grinding noise when step on the throttle brake pads have all been replaced still have a grinding noise?

your barrins in the wheels

How do you replace craftsman mower deck spindle bearings?

One can look in the owners manual of the Craftsman mower to learn how to replace the spindle bearings. Another way the spindle bearings can be replaced is to take it to a lawnmower professional.

Can the bearings be replaced in the front hubs on a 2001 1500 dodge 4x4?

No, it is a sealed unit.

Can the bearings on a dodge air condition compressor be replaced?

Yes, but I do not know of anywhere that they are sold.

Can the bearings on the end of the supercharger that connect to the pulley be replaced by part or does the complete unit need to be replaced?

What manufacturer of super charger, Roots or Centrifical

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