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Usually metal particles cause rusting are in the pool they need to be found by vacuuming well or a magnet,If they are tiny spots you may have metal in your water .You should anytime you add large amounts of water to your pool add a metal out to capture small particles and filter them out. To remove them if you are going to drain your pool in the near future you should have it professionally Acid Washed. If you want to spot clean yourself. Take an 1 1/2 length of PVC pipe that you can hold on the rust while you are outside the pool.Carefully add dry or liquid pool acid into pipe the pipe so it settles on the spot, Wait a while scrub with a brush and repeat as necessary checking the PH of your pool and adding PH up to a different end of pool to keep your Ph in check. Too much acid in your pool will corrode all metal from bobby pins to your heater and pump.

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Q: What can cause rust spots on plaster pools and how do you get rid of them?
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What causes small rust spots to appear on bottom of a pool and how do you get rid of them?

We had rust spots on the botom of our pool and it was caused by the rebar too close to the plaster. We had it jack hammered out when we replastered.

Will stainless steel rust in a pool?

Stainless Steel and PoolsEventually, yes, stainless steel will rust if left in a pool. *Yes - bleach will cause stainless steel to rust and chlorine is found in pools. Ergo, pool water will cause rust on stainless steel items.

Is there any way to remove dark spots or 'burn marks' after 30-inch chlorine tablets are left on the bottom of a gunite plaster pool?

The black (burn) marks show up on Gray plaster pools. White plaster pools will show up as a yellow or rust color. Remove the tabs and put them in a proper floating devise, the marks will go away in time. Try using wet and dry sand paper on the burn marks to reduce their visibility and roughened plaster.. additionally, tablets of any size should NEVER be placed or tossed into the pool or skimmer. K

What causes a tap from the brakes when applying?

Most common cause is imperfection in rotor or rotor's. Rust or hot spots.

How do rust spots develop on paver tiles and do they weaken the tiles?

I don't know how the rust spots got there but they wont effect the strength of the tiles

How do you clean rust spots?

lemonjuice and salt.

What liquid does not cause rust?

oil does not cause rust

Is Evapo-Rust safe to use on car paint with rust spots?

Its fine

Is rust a count noun or a non-count noun?

The noun rust is a non-count noun. Units of rust are worded as 'spots of rust' or 'patches of rust'

How long does it take to get the rust color out of pool?

Is the water rusty color? Or is the rust color on the pool finish - plaster or vinyl or fiberglass?

Does iron oxide cause rust?

Rust is caused when oxygen reacts with iron.Iron oxide does not cause rust, it is rust.

Why is a steel wall pool better than a concrete wall pool?

1. Steel walls will allow for expansion and contraction in temperature changes. 2. Concrete walls are more likely to have rough edges that may, in time, wear holes or cause tears in the liner. Umm...concrete wall pools don't usually have liners. You either plaster the pool then paint over the plaster, or tile the inside. A steel wall pool (although you should get a polymer wall pool instead--steel will rust in a below-ground application even though it's galvanized; polymer can't rust) is less expensive than a concrete pool Steel-wall and polymer-wall pools are less expensive to install. A concrete pool is made from Gunite--a sprayed-on concrete. Liner pools come as panels on pallets, and you bolt the panels together.

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If rust stained several garments, launder them in RIT rust remover or a similar product. For a small number of rust spots, wet the garment, sprinkle Zud cleanser on the spots, gently work it into the material, wait about 30 minutes before rinsing or rewashing.

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Car magnets doesn't cause rust.

What causes red spots on rhubarb leaves?

a rust fungue

Removing rust and mold spots from lampshades?

Sandpaper will take care of the rust and Clorox for the mold. Good luck!

Does vegetable oil cause rust?

Vegetable oil does not cause rust. It is slightly acidic, its similar to a lubricant and it can prevent rust.

Does hydrogen cause rust?

no, oxygen causes rust.

What causes rust spots on the skin?

Commonly a problem known as Capillaritis

Does blood rust?

no liquids/water don't rust they cause rust on metal objects

Does calcium hydroxide cause rust?

No. Calcium Hydroxide does not cause rust, however it can cause corrosion due to its high pH.

What is the difference between rust resistant and rust proof?

Something that is rust resistant will not rust easily; minor exposure to water will not cause it to rust. Something that is rust proof will not rust.

When you wash your wolfgang puck Knives in the dishwasher you get what looks like rust spots. What can you do about this?

The rust spots might be caused by rusting parts inside the dishwasher, such as under the 'wand' piece that rotates at the bottom of the dishwasher. Consult your manufacturer's Operating Manual FIRST then a hardware store manager for suggestions; different products can reduce rust---but not remove it completely. The part(s) will likely need replaced for the rust spots to stop on your knives.

Why does my new one week old new in ground gunite salt water system pool have black spots in many areas of the plaster on the bottom and sides?

Are they actually black (possibly black algae)? How large? Are they expanding? Are they rust spots? Frequently metal shavings from the mixer used on the plaster. Also other possibilities such as metals from the water supply source. A local professional, hopefully from the company that built your pool, should be able to analyze this. Tough to diagnose without visual input.

How can you remove rust spots on a basement carpet?

Try CLR or an OXY cleaner.