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I am not sure the pedal was sticking exactly. I inherited this van from my dad, who passed away. Before he did, he said that he was having trouble with the clutch, but my mom is not sure what he meant. The trouble seemed to be sporadic. Fast forward about a year, and two days ago the van became very difficult to shift as I was driving through town. I reached my destination and parked; when I left and tried to shift from 2nd to 3rd the van would not shift at all, and would never shift (into any gear) again. (I did get it into neutral but then would not go on into any other gear.) It is in a garage now and they say it is either the master cylinder or slave cylinder for the clutch. These vans do not have clutch cables but rather have hydraulic clutch systems. My local garage is charging $225 for the repair, including parts.

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2005-04-21 14:56:13
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Q: What can cause the clutch pedal on a 1992 Toyota Previa to stick in the down position?
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