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Cause the battery to explode or damage the electrical system in the car.

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Q: What can i do if iconnect a negative battery terminal to a positive on a Isuzu rodeo?
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What does the negative terminal of a battery have?

The negative terminal of a battery has a - sign and positive terminal has a + sign.

Does the positive end of a battery go to the positive or negative end of the terminal?

The positive end of a battery goes to the positive end of the terminal. In retro spec, the negative end of a battery goes to the negative end of the terminal.

What happens when you inadvertanly crossed the positive battery terminal from a negative to a positive and a positive to a negative.?

What happens when you inadvertently crossed the positive battery terminal from a negative to a positive and a positive to a negative.?Read more: What_happens_when_you_inadvertanly_crossed_the_positive_battery_terminal_from_a_negative_to_a_positive_and_a_positive_to_a_negative.

How many terminal does a battery have?

Two. The positive terminal, and the negative.

What is the difference between a positive terminal and negative terminal of a battery?

The positive + terminal is slightly larger.

Where is negative battery terminal on a citroen?

The negative battery terminal is on the battery. They don't have a wire coming from it like they do the positive. For charging purposes, the engine block acts as the battery ground. When disconnecting the negative at the battery, the negative terminal usually has a black wire and the positive has a red.

How do you run your power wire at battery with oldmobile alero 99?

Red, positive + cable to Positive + battery terminal. Black, negative - cable to Negative - battery terminal.

Electrons flow into what terminal of a battery?

they leave the negative terminal and return to the positive terminal

What is a positive terminal on a battery?

There are 2 battery terminals. A positive or hot and a negative or ground. The positive is slightly larger than the negative.

Do electrons flow from negative terminal to positive terminal in the battery?

i think yes

Which way does electrons flow in a button cell battery?

Electrons flow from the negative battery terminal to the positive battery terminal.

How you can indicate the current direction in the network?

If we go for the diagramatic representation then battery positive is represented by the long terminal and battery negative is represented by the short terminal then the direction of the current is given by an arrow from positive terminal to negative terminal (Therotically electrons flow from negative to positive but we represent current flow from positive to negative. This is the sign convention )

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