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There are many websites one may peruse to find repossessed houses for sale. Some of these websites include Bank Foreclosure Sale, House Buyer Network, and Bank Foreclosed Listings.

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Q: What can one do to get repossessed houses?
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Where may an individual find information about repossessed houses for sale?

There are many websites that list repossessed houses for sale. HouseRepos and BankForclosureSales are two examples. Another option is to contact a local Realtor who can provide you a list of local repossessed homes free of charge.

How can one buy cheap on the UK housing market?

There are a few options for buying cheap housing in the UK. One of the easiest ways to buy cheap property is to buy houses that the bank has repossessed.

Where could one search for repossessed cars for sale?

One could search for repossessed cars for sale online at the websites provided by the companies Repo Direct, Auto Bid Master, Repos 4 Sale, Cars for Sale, Bank Repossessed cars and Repossessed Cars Sale.

Has anyone had a car repossessed?

Yes, but no one I know.

In Kentucky how many car payments behind do you have to be before your car is repossessed?

Your car can be repossessed if you miss one payment. Not likely they would do that but it is possible.

Did Ebenezer Scrooge live in an apartment?

According to the book, he lived in a house, most of which had been rented out to businesses. No doubt it was one of the houses he repossessed when the owner did not pay the debt he owned. It was in bad shape because scrooge was cheap.

When will your car be repossessed?

About two months after one stops paying for the vehicle.

If creditor has threatened to repossess if a certain amount is not paid and you have paid partial can the vehicle still be repossessed?

As long as the contract is in DEFAULT, the collateral CAN be repossessed. One dollar or one day. Its a GAMBLE you take when you are in default.

You want to buy reposessed land from the bank?

It is possible to buy repossessed land from the bank. Most banks hold monthly auctions where they sell repossessed land, houses, cars, etc. The prices of these items are usually considerably lower than retail cost, so it is a good investment.

Who pays the loan if a car is repossessed?

The one who BORROWED the money and/or the on who COSIGNED the loan.

Can your car be repossessed if you buy it with a capitol one blank check auto finance?


Can a car be repossessed if there is no lien holder?

In that case there would be no one with the right of repossession.

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