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Firstly, there is no way to target an area for weightloss. This means that you will have to lose weight overall in order to lose weight in those areas. Additionally, it is likely that as they appear to be the areas in which you retain most weight, it will be these areas that will take the longest to see a change in. I would also recommend you tone your stoach and arms, as they will

In order to lose weight you must very simply reduce the amount of calories you consume and exercise - both within a healthy amount. Some changes that I would recommend are:

  • Don't eat after 8pm.
  • Eat Breakfast (Cereal with milk and Juice/fruit).
  • Eat vegetables and fruit as snacks.
  • Eat within your calorific needs (not under!) as this will ensure you continue to lose weight.
  • Cardio: Walk-jog (intervals) for 30 mins each day.
  • Cardio: Attend classes at your local gym. Attending classes (aerobics/dance/etc) is a great way to keep motivated and have some cardio.
  • Toning: Weights, crunches, push-ups, etc.

Of course these are just some ideas, and you should chose a regime that would suit your lifestyle. I would also recommend writing a weekly work-out schedule - to help you stick to it. And reward yourself when you reach goal weights - new clothes, etc.


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Q: What can one do to lose excess fat on your stomach arms and in your face by November?
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