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What can you do about flabby skin caused by smoking?

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Take it off and then sell it for a billion dollars. Then if you have more give it to the poor and let them get rich. This is how Bill Gates got rich. He didn't invent microsoft, Aaron Dosanjh and Gurasish Singh did. We are rich, we felt bad for Bill Gates.

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How is skin cancer caused by smoking?

skin cancer is caused by the sun. if you go outside everyday then you might get skin cancer but you can get it taken off when you need to.. skin cancer is caused by the sun. if you go outside everyday then you might get skin cancer but you can get it taken off when you need to..

What is the chiefly caused by smoking?

itis chifly caused of smoking

Flabby Jack?

No. No Flabby Jack.

What is asthma caused by?

its a genetic disorder...or can be caused by smoking/2nd hand smoking

Can smoking heroin cause a skin rash?

Can smoking herion cause skin rash

What caused lung diseases caused?


What percentages of car accidents are caused by smoking?

the percentage of car accidents caused by smoking is 76%

How do you use Flabby in a sentence?

He had flabby thighs.

The external female genitalia are collectively referred to as the pudendum or the?

Labia Majora which is the flabby skin around your vagina

If your belly is really flabby can you really get the lose skin away if you lose the weight?

No. Losing weight will only make your skin flabbyer. Is that even a word?

Lung is caused by smoking?

No. It's caused by your mother.

How do you get flabby?

When you get flabby is when you eat just to eat, not for hunger.

What is emphysema caused by?


What the blockages are caused by?


True or false all lung cancers are caused by smoking?

False. About 60% are caused by smoking. The rest are caused by a variety of things, most commonly the spreading of cancer from other parts of the body (which may also have been caused by smoking).

What are some of the main causes of cancer?

Most cancers are hereditary desieses but some cancers such as skin Cancer and Lung cancer can be caused by the sun or by smoking.

Can you get Skin cancer from smoking?


Can smoking turn your skin Grey?


What damage can be caused be smoking marijuana?

=== ===

What is lung cancer caused by?


Is depression caused by smoking?


What cancers are caused by smoking pipes and cigars?

Lung cancer is the primary type. Throat and mouth cancer are also caused by smoking.

What is a sign of premature or early aging caused by smoking?

Grey skin, lethargy wrinkles around the lips, bags under your eyes, general lack of motivation.

Can you get rid of hpv by stopping smoking?

No, once you get HPV you have it forever. You get HPV from intercourse or other skin-to-skin contact. HPV has nothing to do with smoking.

How many deaths caused by smoking?

7.6 million people die from alone cancer so about a third would have to been caused by smoking