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Hey Bill==You have several electrical problems. I suggest you take it to a garage. GoodluckJoe

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โˆ™ 2004-08-04 10:54:58
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Q: What can you do if the air conditioner and fans are not working and the compressor is not turning on a 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix you just purchased?
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Why does the compressor keep turning off in your air conditioner?

More than likely it's the internal overload on the compressor kicking it out.

What would stop the ac compressor from turning on in a 1996 Pontiac Sunfire?

low freon, bad pressure switch, bad compressor clutch.

How do you tell if your air conditioner compressor is working?

Run your engine with the A/C on and watch the end of the compressor where the belt is. If it kicks on you will see the it start turning. if it doesn't turn and never starts turning you may need your A/C charged with freon. If the belt smokes you compressor may be locked up.

When turning on air conditioner and the clutch kicks on in the air compressor it jerks and the car jerks at the same time Car experiencing loss of electricity from engine when it jerks 95 lin town?

95 lin town car when turning on air conditioner and the clutch kicks on in the air compressor it jerks and the jerks at the same time car experiencing loss of electricity from engine when it jerks

How do you replace Air-conditioner compressor for 2003 Ford Expedition?

The air conditioner/compressor sits on the front passenger side on top of the fender. Remove the water reservoir and then you can disconnect and remove the air compressor. I do not know yet how to remove the air dryer as I cannot see how to remove the air lines from the dryer. I did remove the dryer from the compressor though, by removing a single screw then turning the 1/4 turn and pulling it out of the at worst I will be able to put my new compressor in with the old dryer.

Why doesn't my car's air conditioner blow cold air when the engine is off?

You have to have the motor running as well as the AC compressor turning (AC on) to circulate the freon through the system

When air conditioner is turned on smoke comes from under hood. it has a burning rubber smell. temperature gauge remains steady and car stops smoking as soon as the air conditioner is turned off.?

What most likely is happening is the A/C compressor has gone bad and its not able to turn when it is switched on. The burning rubber smell is probably the belt sliding across the compressor pulley that's not turning.

What causes the AC in a 1999 Ford Escort to blow warm air?

If the compressor is not turning on it could be as simple as low refrigerant level. If the compressor IS turning on, it might be a stuck heater core valve.

Why does the air conditioner compresor on your car keep turning off and on?

Most likely, it's normal operation. Most vehicles have what's called a cycling clutch compressor. A sensor bulb detects when the system reaches the predetermined high pressure limit, and disengages the compressor clutch to prevent overpressure in the AC system. When the system pressure drops to the predetermined low pressure, it reengages the compressor clutch.

How do you fix ac on Chevy Caprice classic?

You will need to check the condenser for leaks, also check the air compressor, you can check the air compressor by turning on the ac, look and see if the front of the air compressor is turning. If the air compressor is not coming on you will need to replace it.You can also check your 134a level. hope this helps.

Why does the compressor run after turning off 1994 SSE Bonneville?

I would like the answer to this question also. AnswerWhen you say "after turning off 1994...", I'm assuming you mean turning off the A/C. The clutch on the compressor might be stuck, or the relay that controls it may be sticking. Try pulling the fuse or unplugging the compressor connector and seeing what it does. If it still runs, you've got a bad clutch on the compressor. IF YOU PULL THE CONNECTOR AT THE COMPRESSOR, MAKE SURE THE ENGINE IS OFF BEFORE YOU DO. Don't blame me if you get hung up in the belt.

Why does air conditioner blows only hot air no cold air?

The air conditioner in cars can blow hot and cold air, which is activated by turning the dial. Red means warm or hot, blue means cold.This could also be related to:the temperature blend door being stuck (if a/c compressor kicks-in)A/c system problem - simple as needing recharge to failed compressor)See "Related Questions" below for moreyour AC system needs recharged

What wires cause an air compressor to stop turning on a 1989 Mazda mx6?

I'm Guessing that your talking about the A/C compressor, in which there are 1 or 2 wires going to the clutch. Disconnecting this wire(or 2) will disable the compressor clutch stopping the compressor from working.

Don't think AC compressor is turning on?

My first guess would be you are low on freon.

Does turning the refrigerator off do any damage to the pipes in the compressor if the refrigerant just sits in them?


Ac compresser is not turning on in 94 grand prix?

your compressor will not kick on if not enough pressure in system

Why did the air compressor quit turning?

Seized? Low freon charge? High head pressure?

Why is my air conditioner fan hot and humming?

you don't say if it is turning. ??? Replace the starting capacitor.

Why does one of the belt wheels on a 94 Buick Century not turn and what can be done about it?

The wheel or pulley that is not turning is locked up and will have to be replaced. If it is a component such as the air conditioner compressor, or water pump, alternator , etc. then that component will have to be replaced. do not operate the engine while this component is locked up or you will destroy the engine

Why is home air cond filter turning black?

Your home air conditioner filter might be turning black because it is damp or moldy. It might also be turning black because it is filled with dust.

Why would air compressor stop turning half way making clunking noise on 95 Thunder Bird?

Most likely you have a damaged - locking a/c compressor internally.............

Why would the AC not work when the compressor is turning on 1995 s10?

Most commonly would be lack of freon.

What causes a 2009 Chevy Cobalt to stall when turning on the AC?

The ac compressor pump may be seized.

How do you remove the clutch fan off of a 1996 Chevy 350 vortec engine?

Best if you own a compressor, air tools keeps the clutch from turning. If no compressor, mount it in a vise to keep it from turning and remove each bolt, can be tricky as they are mounted together but turn seperately when activated.

Do diesel engines require higher capacity air conditioner compressors?

No. The capacity of the a/c compressor is dictated by how much heat needs to be removed from the passenger compartment and how big the condenser and evaporators are. As long as the car's engine is turning the compressors at the same speeds, it doesn't matter what is fueling the engine its self.