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If you're sure you've got fuel and ignition, the only other issue would be have to have them in the same place at the same time. Try another key!!! Not sure when Honda started this, but as a safety precaution a seldom used key will become disabled and produce the symptoms you describe. I was told by the dealer, that this was to prevent a key from being lost then used by someone other than the owner. The wife and I now rotate the use of all 3 keys, so that none of them become disabled again. FYI, the dealer was nice enough to reset our key, since we were the original owners!

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Can you start a fire in space?

No a fire needs heat, fuel and OXYGEN. But if you took the fuel and oxygen with you ......

What causes car not to get fire or fuel?

A car will never need fire to start. But it will always require fuel.

Why do you need fuel to start a fire?

Fuel is one of three essential elements needed to start and maintain fire, you also must have oxygen and heat.

What objects or liquids start fire?

to start a fire you must have 3 things oxygen heat and fuel.

Is CHARCOAL biomass fuel or fossil fuel?

Charcoal is created from biomass by a flash fire at an elevated pressure in biomass. the fire spreads through the biomass, turning it into charcoal.

What happens if you gap spark plugs to much?

Hard start, no start, misfire, back fire, poor fuel economy, low power,Hard start, no start, misfire, back fire, poor fuel economy, low power,

What does fire need to start?

It needs the fire triangle: Oxygen, heat and fuel

Have fuel to your throttle body on your 1998 350 will not start but will fire and try to start on either help?

fuel injector

Components to start a fire?

Heat Fuel Oxygen

What are three things to start and maintain a fire?

The three things that are required to start and maintain fire are fuel,heat and oxygen.

Why is your car turning over but no fuel goes to injectors 98 Civic EX to start it?

Could be fuel pump or fuel pump relay.

What is needed for a fire to start?

An ignition source, fuel and oxygen

Your 5th Ave has fire but wont start?

Does it have fuel/ compression?

What do you need to start a fire?

You need oxygen, heat, and fuel.

What are the three elements to start a fire?

Heat, fuel, and oxygen.

What two factors are needed to start a fire?

Fuel, Ignition

Turning off the bunseb burner at the gas tap puts out the fire because?

Turning off the gas tap removes the supply of gas to the Bunsen burner. A fire cannot burn without a fuel.

What are three things necessary to start and maintain a fire?

Three things necessary to start and maintain a fire are fuel, oxygen, and heat.

Why Fire lighter the best fuel for heating water?

because it can start fire witch is hot.

What did Cro Magnon use as fuel for their fire?

They used flints, which they rubbed together to start fire

1984 305 Chevy Caprice will not start but will cranck?

fuel pump.. go under the car and smack the gas tank with a rubber mallet while someone else is turning the key. if it starts to fire at all when hit then it is defiantly the fuel pump.

On a 1993 ford probe it gets fire it's getting fuel but just turns over and doesn't start. what could bew the problem?

youve checked fuel, now you need to check for air and spark. the problem is likely going to be ingition related, ohm the coils and wires and make sure the plugs are still good.

Why will a Car not start?

an internal combustion engine requires fuel and fire to start. the fuel comes from gas tank, through pump, to injectors/carburator the fire or spark comes from battery, via distributor this is very simplistic overview on modern engines, the fire and fuel, are computer controlled

3 things to start a fire?

The three things to start a fire are : 1) Heat 2) Fuel ( e.g wood ) 3) Oxygen

What could be the problem with your 1992 geo metro convertible if it is getting fuel and fire but it will not start?

Fuel injector