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There is nothing you can do about it being true if it is so. If an ex husband is truly a sociopath and relations are ongoing, it is imperative that one learn as much as possible about self protection and protection of children/teenagers. Sociopaths vary in their dangerousness to others but are by definition superior manipulators of even the most educated minds.


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No, not a sociopath. He was mentally ill for a period of time which made him vulnerable to disease. this made an infection to the leg. Not a sociopath but many believed he was a mentally scared psycopath

nope. she kissed him and was all over him, and he was uncomfortable and scared so he ran away... mayella's father found out and he beat his daughter, then blamed Tom for raping his daughter when he actually didnt

If they are scared of him and his actions, then it is a bad idea for you to take them to see him, but if you feel they need to see they're father just make sure ther is someone to protect them.

Scrooge is scared of his father because his father blamed him for the death of his mother, his father neglected him at baording school because he doesn't want to see him and his father bullied him.

You need to explain to her about her father, without sounding as if you are being judgemental. Just be honest, and tell her you are worried about her. If you are scared he might come after her, then get a restraining order against him so he can't come after your daughter.

No she is still alive but eminem is scared she will

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Shane dawsons father was scared of being a dad so he left and never came back.

According to the Last Crusade, his father is scared of rats. This comes when Indiana tells his father that he found the tomb of Sir Richard and the proceeds to tell him that there were rats. Dr. Henry Jones then has a horrified look on his face and says "Rats?!".

The Runaway is about a mother with her son or daughter watching a child run away because he is scared of something that he shouldn't be scared of (embarrassment) and then he comes back but is not accepted into his home.

This is a question that only the father can answer. He is probably scared. Scared of questions that the kid may ask or scared that the kid may want more from him than he is able to give. He may be worried that you will want more from him than he is able to give. Or, he could be ashamed of what he has or has not done with his life. The important thing is to make sure your son knows that it is not his fault.

she loved her father but he didnt approved of her and chris relationship at first

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No, he is just Scared if he dies before and cant help her thats why he wrote his song when i'm gone !

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because he was scared. he didnt like Hitler's weirdo mind.

She can possibly end up being a scandolous teen, or she could turn into a teen girl whose scared of all men. Either way is bad. The girl might run to boys her age thinking they will protect her and they might continuously take advantage of her. If you know a girl whose being aboused by her father you should really tell someone if your really her friend.

They have an OK relationship, but his dad lied to him a lot and Christopher ends up being scared of his father.

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Yes, he wears them as a part of a deal he made with his then 5 year old daughter that he would get braces if she needed them because she was scared.

in Krabs' pirate days, he met pearl's mother, married her, and she died by wale hunters which explains why he is scared of hooks

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