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use shaving cream

Answeruse a shaving cream for sensitive skin and a razor with moisture strips and use a good lotion afterwards hope this helps Good Luck and God Bless!!!

OK use Neutrogena Razor Defense shave gel, and shave down ward, use antibacterial soap, if you get red bumps, use curel lotion, and gold bond medicated powder to heal...

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Q: What can you do if you get red bumps all over your legs every time you shave that are like pimples and they hurt and how do you stop that from happening?
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What are razor bumps?

Its when you shave sometimes it leaves red bumps like pimples for a couple days!! Soap and Water is better than shaving cream!!

Why do you get big red pimples under your armpits and every time you shave them pus will even come out of them?

The pimples are razor bumps or burns. To help prevent them try using baby oil before shaving. You can even try some hair conditioner.

How can you get rid of razor bumps?

I use to have these. Don't shave as often. One every week or once every 2 weeks. Be sure to moisturize after you shave. make sure your razor head is sharp and new. Shave straight over the razor bumps.

How do you shave genitals without red bumps?

Shave with a rusty pocket knife.

How do you prevent cuts and pimples after shaving pubic hair for women and how long would it take to heal?

The hair on the pubic region is very coarse and it is hard to shave and this is why you get bumps and pimples, it is a very sensitive place. There is a great shave gel from Avon that is brilliant for these types of things. It is called 'SKIN SO SOFT Fresh and Smooth Silky stay shave gel'. See related links below to buy it online. I recommend to get this because it really works and you will notice the difference. I would also recommend that you shave with the direction of the hair because if you shave against it that this is where you get hurt.

I was wondering if you would shave me down there?

when you shave it hurts and leaves red bumps that are very big. :)

What happens when you shave too much?

then you get bumps and cuts from there and when you shave to much you can get some type of infection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) And then its not yummy

Are hair bumps normal if you shave you penis?

yeah gross

When i shave i get little red bumps on my legs how can i stop htat?

You can try exfoliating before you shave and then use talcum powder mixed with honey and avocado. Youll never get bumps again.

How do you get rid of bumps and red dots on the back of your thigh after you shave and why do you always get cut and nicked no matter if the razor is new or not?

you can rub like antiseptic cream on the dont always get cut, its the way you shave, i rarely get cut, you have to shave slow and take your time..

If you shave your vagina do you get bumps?

some times depend on the shaving cream for me

How do you avoid razor bumps on legs?

Shave in the direction the hair grows.

How can you get rid of the pimples or the little bumps that you get after shaving your pubic hair?

== == You really can't. You PROBABLY could put an anti-acne cream down there but it is not advisable because you risk genital infection. The bumps and pimples are a sign of irritation. This is because that area has never been touched or shaved before. The first time you shave, irritation will show and you will itch between your legs for several days. The bumps and itching should go away after several days. However, you may have consistently have bumps from time to time because obviously sweat down there throughout the day. If you consistently shave on a regular basis, (keep the hair from growing back), itching and bumps should become less of a problem There are also products like Venereal Mountain Mist which are pretty good at helping to reduce razor burn and minimize those bumps. It's all natural and has simple ingredients that have show effective over years and years of use.

What do you do when there are red bumps on your legs?

When u shave it gives u red bumps I get them all the time in the winter, cuz my legs are dry

How do you prevent razor bumps?

All you need to do is not to shave on dry skin. Always shave when you are in the shower or you have just come out the shower when your legs are wet.

Is it weird to have pimples after you shave your bikini area?

they probably aren't pimples. they're probably ingrown hairs and if you leave them alone or pop them, they will release the hair under the surface.

How do you shave yourself?

Shaving YourselfAs for the girl shaving situation , for the smoothest shave it would be best to be in the shower or bath (hot water or steam will lift the hair follicles making the shave closer.) You can use shaving cream for comfort and less irritation. Shave downward, getting all the pubes. Then shave upwards to get even closer. Do not go in the same direction more then twice or you get RED BUMPS! To avoid the bumps shave downwards, not up like you shave your legs. You will have some prickles, but its better then being sore.

How do you shave you underarms everyday without getting bumps?

Use plenty of shower gel

Why do you get bumps under your arms after you shave your armpits?

there are 2 ways to get them the first one is from not using enough soap and the secondis from pressing down to hard when you shave

Is it bad to shave in the morning?

No, it's not bad to shave in the morning. Most men shave every morning if they shave.

Can you get pimples after licking a girls vagina after she just shaved?

No. You can shave your vagina after licking a girls pimple, though.

How do you get rid of shaving bumps on legs?

Well I never got rid of them just prevented them by making sure i use a shave gel.I found when you use a shave gel the blade dont pull the hair out.This prevents the bumps in the first place.

Can you get pimples from kissing a hairy face?

Definitely, the oil on the other person's hair will touch your skin immediately causing pores to be clogged and pimples will be formed. Perhaps ask the person to shave?

How do I prevent razor bumps when shaving my bush?

Shave very carefully! Or use an electric razor.

When you shave does it cause pimples?

Yes, only when you have the wrong type of razor and it pulls your hair insted of just cutting it.