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What most women don't know about "The Pill" is that it tricks your body into thinking it is pregnant. That is the reason you cannot get pregnant because your body has closed itself off as it does during pregnancy. When you are pregnant, you will experience nipple tenderness. Since you are on the pill, you are experiencing some of the symptoms of being pregnant even though you are not. Some women gain weight, some get that "pregnancy glow" to their skin which causes their acne to go away or get worse (it depends on the woman). If nipple tenderness is a big problem to you, try switching Birth Control pills or use natural contraceptives rather than drugs. As always, talk with your doctor and read ALL of the information which comes with the drug before you put it into your body.

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Q: What can you do if you have severely sensitive nipples and you are 24 and have been on the pill for years and regularly see your doctor but the pain is almost unbearable it hurts with or without a bra?
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