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I wrote the orignial question so here's my story:

Here's the story as to what happened. I was lonely and sick of seeing all of my friends hooking up with girls and having fun with them. I decided to go to a chat room, and try to find someone in my area to hook up with. And believe it or not it worked. This was in July. We talked on a Wednesday for about 3 hours online/and phone. Then she came to my apt on Thursday, which was about a 30 min drive for her. We tried to watch a movie, but that didn't happen, we ended up going right to my bedroom, and took care of buisness. I was more shocked then anything that this all happened but I felt I should run with it and see where it went.

So we hung out either at my place or her house several times a week, until the end of August when she went about 2 hours away from school, at this time we decided we were "exclusive" and she told me she loved me and I told her the same. Once she hit school, she became very short on the phone with me or when we would talk on AIM. She would always say she'd call back, but wouldn't because she forgot and what not. So I had the bright idea to drive down to surprise her one night, when she wasn't returning my calls, to see how she was. I was very intoxicated at the time, and I do not recommened driving 120 miles in the state of mind I was in.

Anyway, I got there around 1230am and she was pissed I came. I told her, that she really means alot to me, and that I want her to put the same effort into the relationship, that I was putting into it. So eventually she calmed down and we slept together that night, and it was like everything was great. When I got home later the next day, one of her away messages said out with Cindy my roommate and then we're going out w/John later. Bells and whistles went off in my head, thinking she's absolutely cheating on me. So I called her and asked what was up, and she kept reassuring me that I'm the only one for her, and she would never, ever cheat on me.

In the meantime, I had planned a romantic evening with her down at her school, I rented a hotel, dinner, flowers, and some drinks. We met the following weekend for that, and it was the most amazing night ever, everything was so perfect. After she we had sex a couple times, she told me how much she loves me and there's no one else as good for her as I am.

BUT!! Then she told me she thought she was pregnant!!!! I was shocked, because she told me she was on the shot, and taking the pill. And we did have sex several times without a condom. She told me her test came out positive. It really changed the whole perspective for me, with everything. I told her whatever choice she decides, abortion (Which I'm personally against) or giving birth, I'll be there for her 110%.

The next day I took her back to school, and we hung out and talked for a bit. She tried to hide her AIM from me cause she had about 5-6 messages from different guys, I just played dumb pretending I didn't see it and took a mental note of the screen names. When I finally got home, I called her and she told me she was upset, and that we have to talk later. She would not let on as to what the problem was, and was very vague.

Upon conclusion, do I worry too much? Or am I playing my cards right thinking something is up. She's always short on the phone or AIM, saying she'll call back and doesnt, and she shys away from any personal questions I ask her, when I have been 100% honest. I spent over $200 on a great weekend, that I'll never forget. Eventhough our love is young, I feel a strong connection. I'm afraid though she's using me only when I'm around and has others to do the same for her when she's at school.

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