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It sounds like she is in the official category of "X-GIRLFRIEND". Move on. Maybe you can learn from the experience and don't be mean to people.

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What does it mean when a guy does not return your calls or does not reply to your messages?

Unfortunately, in most cases when a guy does not return calls or reply to messages it means he is not interested in that particular person.

Your Chinese speaking girlfriend calls you Shuaige what can you call her in return?

"Liang'mei" or "Mei'nv".

If he still calls his ex girlfriend?

Its not an ex-girlfriend. Maybe he calls for a bootycall

How quickly do you return modeling agency phone calls?

If the agency is contacting you, then you should return the call immediately, especially if they are interested in signing you. Waiting too long may make them think you are not interested and will give the offer to someone else.

If a girl calls you boo but acts like she is not interested in you at all does she like you?

A girl I like calls me boo and holds my hand and we're not even going out, so it can be a pet name or a name that signifies you as being his/her boy/girlfriend.

What do you call your girlfriend when she calls you hubby?


What does Anti-girlfriend mean?

its the girl that you like and your girlfriend is jealous of, therefore she hates her and calls her your "anti-girlfriend"

What does it mean when a spanish girl calls you interesado?


What do you say if someone calls your girlfriend hot?


How do you know when a guy is considered as your boyfriend?

When he calls you his girlfriend.

Why is he calling you when he has a girlfriend?

because he likes you more if he calls you and still has a girlfriend. (from a guys point of view)!

What are signs that a guy is not interested when you thought he was?

He doesnt return calls, he doesnt say he will do what he says. He maybe interested but he wants to continue to have his options open. He probably likes you but he doesnt want a relationship. He wants to play the field. He wants to be able to date you, be with you, and others too.

If she calls you her love does she like you?

That would suggest that she is interested in you - Yes.

What does it mean when a girl calls you a friend?

that your her friend and that she is not romantically interested in you

How do you use the word calls in a sentence?

The mother calls for her son when the boy didn't return home for supper.

Is a woman interested if she calls you back after the first date?

Highly probable.

How do you know a man is interested in you?

When a man is interested in you, he usually follows you around, calls you non-stop, and looks at you with passion and love.

Is it the law that doctors return telephone calls from their patients?

What the law requires depends on the country and locality in which you are located, but in general there is no law requiring doctors to return telephone calls from their patients.

What do you do if your girlfriend calls you another mans name?

ask to meet that man!!!

What to do if your girlfriend ignores you for days without any messages or calls?

get a life!!!

What does a ghost say when he calls his girlfriend on the phone?

it depends on the ghost ;O

What do you say when your girlfriend calls you on the phone in high-School?

There are several things one can say when your girlfriend calls you on the phone. You can ask how their days went, if they want to see a movie, or just ask about their hobbies.

TV repair shop willnt return calls?

what are you asking?

How can you tell if someone is avoiding you?

They don't return your CALLS....dump them!

Does buckethead have a girlfriend?

i heard he had a girlfriend eho he calls big d, he wrote a tribute song to her, but i dont know if its true...