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When children are involved there isn't much you can do. It is not uncommon for her to dislike "the other woman" and if it weren't you it would be anyone else her ex is seeing. After all the "other woman" in her eyes is coming between what she feels is a saveable relationship. She is probably trying to get to see her children and either she really misses them or she is using the children to try and win over her ex or at least see him. Only you know if he is seeing her and having a sexual relationship with her. If you and your boyfriend have had no major problems in the past other then arguing over the fact she is bothering him to see the children when the courts have given him sole custody (for good reason) then I wouldn't worry too much. Instead of fighting over it and being afraid he will go back to her (I doubt it) you should try to remain calm, sit down and communicate with him and just let him explain what is going on and try to help where you can. This is extremely hard on him because whether you like it or not this young woman is the mother of his children. Sometimes just listening will help. It is also important that in a calm manner you explain to him that he has to make the decision to follow the court ruling for the benefit of the children and that he is going to have to learn to say "NO" to her. Tell your boyfriend that he needs to stay away from her and when and if she decides to get help, stay on her medications and proves she can handle being around her children then and only then should there be any discussion about joint custody. When two people have a child or children together there is a bond one cannot explain even if they are separated. It may not be love, but there is that bond. This guy (although he isn't treating you very well) is caught between a woman he had children with and you. He is extremely confused and wants to do the right thing for his children, but obviously making many mistakes (i.e: thinking he's not a good dad.) You need to sit down with him and tell him he needs some head space and so do you (I know this is a risk for you) and when he can get things straightened out to give you a call. He can't possibly figure this one out in a few weeks or even a couple of months so be prepared to start life again on your own and either meet a really nice guy you deserve or perhaps your b/f will come back and have hopefully resolved his problems. You are really being hurt by this and it simply isn't right. Back off and don't be "so there" for him. You did nothing wrong, but love him and hopefully by you leaving him to decide where he is going with his life he'll see what he's missing .. you! Talk to him and or ask one of his friends to talk to him without knowing the you asked them. If there's something going on between him and his ex, leave him as soon as you can.

2006-09-12 21:08:07
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What are the symptoms for children with bipolar?

what are the symptoms in children with bipolar

Can your children get bipolar?

Kids can definitely get Bipolar, especially if one (or both) of the parents are Bipolar.

Is bipolar disorder in one parent inherited by offspring?

Yes. Children with one bipolar parent have a 30% chance of developing bipolar disorder. Even children of bipolar parents who do not develop bipolar disorder are at increased risk (compared to children who do not have a bipolar parent) for other psychopathology such as ADHD, learning disorders, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, etc. Children with two bipolar parents are at an even greater risk of developing bipolar disorder.

Can my boyfriend join the marines if he has bipolar and is not on medicine?

probably not

Do all bipolar parents have children with bipolar depression?

Bipolar disorder is hereditary, but it is very common for it to skip generations. If a child doesn't actually have it, mimicking parents who do will not make them bipolar. However, as children mimic behavior; they may exhibit the symptoms of bipolar disorder.

Why does bipolar affect a person?

Bipolar is often inherited. A common trigger is a relationship which creates insecurity.

Can bipolar disorder affect a relationship?

can it? yes, dramatically.

Should bipolar people have children?

they can but if they have achild then there is a 50 percwnt chance that the child may be bon with bipolar.

What if someone is misdiagnosed with Bipolar disorder- are there negative effects of a non bipolar person taking bipolar medications?

if a person that is misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder takes bipolar medications, the person would have cognitive problems, they would have trouble with their intelligence and cognition..

Are all women bipolar?

No, not all women are bipolar. Bipolar is a mental disorder, just like cancer, or having lost an arm. We all have problems but women get mood swings because of PMS, not because they are bipolar.

I think my boyfriend may be bipolar. How do I convince him to seek help?


If your a single parent and are dating another person and they have been diagnosed with bipolar are they able to keep your children while you work?

If you asking this question on you might want to reconsider this relationship.

What should i do if my boyfriend with bipolar doesn't want help?

if your boyfriend has bipolar and doesn't want help you still might need to tell someone close to him or a parent to help but you also need to talk it through with him also and see what needs to be done

What are the chance of healthy baby with bipolar father?

Bipolar does not cause any physical problems. If you are asking if your child could grow up and have bipolar, too, yes that is possible because it does occur in families.

Can a bipolar man and a narcissistic woman have a successful relationship?

If my parents were anything to go by, then no. But mebbe the woman will soo distracted by her own vanity she won't realise there is anything peculiar about her boyfriend. Spose if it's meant to be, it will be XD.

Is it safe for a bipolar person on medications Klonopin neurontin and lithium to be with children?

There should be no problem at all, I would only be concerned if the bipolar person took no medication.However, totally independent of bipolar or no bipolar there are of course people that are not safe with children. But the statistical chance of this is no different between those with mental illnesses and those without.

How do bipolar children live their lives?

Most bipolar children are treated through medication and therapy. Even so, the constant and sudden mood swings can affect the social lives of a child.

Was da Vinci mentally ill?

yes, he had bipolar. but as bipolar traits are similar to many illnesses mixed together he could have had a variety of problems

Is there an online bipolar group for children and adolescents What are they?

This is a huge online group for people suffering from mental disorders :

Bipolar disorder Can you have a relationship with someone with it?

Sure, but there will be complicating issues and stresses for both of you.

Can a sociopath an a bipolar be in a relationship?

No, but they can be in a mental institution. hope this answers your question goodluck!

When you are bipolar does that make you abusive?

It could. But not every Bipolar person is abusive. It should however, never be an excuse for abuse. A person who is abusive Bipolar or not, is wrong in what they are doing. Seek help if you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship/situation.

Does bipolar lead to other disorders?

Bipolar disorder does not cause other disorders. However, people with bipolar disorder have an increased risk of simultaneously having or developing other mental disorders or substance dependence problems.

How to break up with your bipolar boyfriend?

It would be so insane to break up with a person who is bipolar and you consider him bipolar even when he loves you so love doesn't see if the person is mentally challenged. Don't leave him. Give him a new hope to live and be with him.

What does it mean if your boyfriend dumps you but deep down he knows he loves you?

He's bipolar and doesn't know what he wants