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You need to talk to him about his issues with women. Because no two people or the same. Just like you and your boyfriend is different, so each women is different, as well. Also, remember, you can't change a person... so take him as he is... or leave him alone. Get another boyfriend, without women relationship issues. Unbeknownst to me at the time I married when I was almost 22 years old and found out I married an abuser. I had a miserable 3 1/2 years with him before I got the picture and moved on (divorcing him.) He was truly upset he was losing me and told me that his mother had always cheated on his father until he eventually left her, and he never wanted that to happen to him. Basically what he did was cheat on me before I could cheat on him. I had no intentions of cheating on him, but in his mind he thought all women were like this. It's sad. It's best to move on from this person. They have obviously been very hurt and need to get professional help. Good luck

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What does it mean when a girl trusts you more than there own boyfriend?

It means that they like you more then they like there boyfriend

What does it mean when a girl trusts you more than her boyfriend?

I think its the friendship that you have made and it means that she can trusts you anytime in her problems and secrets! But you know sometimes when she always trust you she is getting used to trust you and not her boyfriend!

I don't think my boyfriend trusts me?

gain his trust, or dump him! gain his trust, or dump him!

If she trusts you more than her boyfriend why arent you together?

Because shes too scared.

How do you know if your boyfriend trusts you?

you will know your boyfriend trust you if he will let you hang with other guys and let you do what you want and what makes you happy. and he will trust you if he loves you

What does it mean if your bff has dreams about your boyfriend?

The most important thing it means is that your bff likes and trusts you enough to tell you that she's had dreams about your boyfriend.

Can one like her best friend's boyfriend and kiss him?

There use to be a silent code between women of all ages that one does not flirt or try to steal another's boyfriend or hit on the husband of a friend. That code is still active among self confident women of all ages. No, you should not kiss your best friend's boyfriend because it could ruin a beautiful relationship with your best friend that no doubt trusts you. Don't let her down!

Can you hang out with a guy friend even if you have a boyfriend?

As a guy, I would say it depends on your boyfriend and if he trusts you. Guys get jealous very easily, especially the younger they are. I know I wouldn't have a problem with it.

I don't know what to do because one girl at my school keeps on telling my boyfriend that i am cheating on him with one of my guy friends but i am not and i do not know if my boyfriend trusts me?

The way to look at is if your boyfriend loves u he will belive u. That other girl is probably just trying to get with your boyfriend .

Does your boyfriend love you if you hang out with other guys?

yes of course he still loves you if you hang out with other guys, it means that he trusts you.

If you talk to a good guy every night who confides listens to you and tells you he trusts you and you can trust him. Does he like you?

No, His mother is out with her boyfriend.

Does Curtis Stone have a boyfriend?

No. Curtis Stone does not have a boyfriend. He likes women....not men.

What if a girl calls you her best friend and tells you everything that goes on with her and her boyfriend does this me she likes you?

As a friend. She confides in you and talks to you because she trusts you as her friend.

What if your boyfriend does not know how to be a boyfriend?

Sweetie, if your boyfriend doesn't know how to be a boyfriend, then just let him figure it out or tell him what he needs to do! Step up and be a women!

Is it right or wrong to going out to a party with an ex-boyfriend if you have a new boyfriend?

It depends if you are still friends with your ex. Hopefully your new boyfriend trusts you enough to be ok with it but it may cause a few problems. I wouldn't go but if this party means a lot to you your boyfriend should accept that you want to go.

Why does your boyfriend look at women and not you?

My answer is "Because your Boyfriend is a Jerk" it has nothing to do with you it is just that he is not the guy for you. Sorry

Does Robin Roberts has a boyfriend?

She like women!

How does a women live without a boyfriend?


What does it mean when a girl trusts you more than their own boyfriend?

It usly means that that girl is into you and thinks that the guy she is with is a Jerk. It usly means that that girl is into you and thinks that the guy she is with is a Jerk. I usly means that she is into you and that she thinks her boyfriend is a jerk

Why is a female like to sleep around while she has a boyfriend?

not all women do. some women sleep around when they have a boyfriend to get something that her boyfriend isn't providing her. it could also mean that she's not looking for a serious relationship.

Do women talk about their boyfriends private stuff with their friends I'?

Yes, most women do talk about their boyfriend and private things with their friends. They don't do it to make fun of the boyfriend.

Why do you think about your boyfriend with other women?

bragging rights

How do you now if your boyfriend is cheating on you?

If he has sex with other women

Has Olly Murs got a boyfriend?

No. He did have a boyfriend when he was in year 7 as he was bisexual but then realised that he preferred women to men.

When was The Killam Trusts created?

The Killam Trusts was created in 1965.