What can you do if your car is going to be repossessed?

i'm not an expert but the best thing to do would be to call your creditor and try to make some payment arraingements to catch up, because it costs them money to reposes and resell so they really only want to repo as a last resort. another option would be to contact another creditor to loan you money to pay off the loan and stop the repossesion. be carefull witht this as it might cost you a little coin so make sure you read what you sign. you could try to reach a relative or friend for the money but remember in doing so you will have to pay them back and the result of not paying a friend or family member can be drastically more devastating than a bank. a third option would be to file chapter thirteen bankruptcy which will require you to pay back all or a portion of your loan but you will keep your car and could reduce your payments and lengthen the ammount of time to repay. which ever solution you decide on you must act immidiately or your property can be repossesed and you will still have to pay for it. as a word of caution do not attempt to destroy the car and claim insurance because your delinquency on the loan would automatically through a red flag and you will be suspect. so if you creditor will not work with you to help you catch up ask them if you pay off the loan in full if they will stop the repo, if they will seek financing from another institution. another trick that sometimes works is trying to settle a pay off price that is substantially lower than the loan balance. you will be suprised at how much they are willing to negotiate just to get a delinquent loan off of their books. works great with credit cards too. hope i helped. good luck