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I have the same problem with my 95 olds 98 regency, did you find anything out?

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โˆ™ 2007-12-16 08:03:19
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Q: What can you do the heater blows warm on the drivers side but is like an ac on the passenger side in a 95 olds?
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2004 Monte Carlo SS heater works on passenger side but blows cold on the drivers side?

these are called a temperature actuator there is one for the left side and right side,,,,u can actually take these off and turn the knob by hand that the actuator turns an u can find out like that ,,,

Your heater blows cold in your Lincoln?

COULD BE A BAD HEATER CORE COULD BE A BAD HEATER CORE sounds like the heater control switch needs replacing.if that doesnt fix it, you need new heater core

Does a car heater use freon to heat?

The heater is like a small radiator(heater core) usually located in the dash. The fan blows air through it and heats the car. There are two heater hoses that carry coolant to & from the heater core.

Home Heater blows cold air and the fan wont shut off?

It sound like the thermostat is broken

What is a heater core's purpose in a car?

It acts like a small radiator to warm the interior. Warm/hot coolant from the engine circulates through it, while air blows across it. This air is warmed by the coolant, then is directed into the passenger compartment to warm the car.

How do you heat vents work in a car?

It starts with your blower which is usually located on passenger side under dash then blows thru a sealed vent thru your heater core then from there goes thru almost like a sealed box that controls which vents it goes to depending on what your setting are on.

In the 2003 Town Country Minivanin the middle of the dashbetween the drivers seat passenger seatthere are 2 vents Right below and between those is a camera like thing Any idea what it is?

It is an infrared temperature sensor for the heater and ac system.

Why would there be pink fluid on the floor of the passenger side?

Sounds like heater core is leaking and what you are seeing is antifreeze

1989 corvette heater blows cold air even though both lines are hot going to the firewall do you have to change the heater core and if so how do you do it?

I would say that your heater core is sounds like you have a bled door promlem in the dash.

What could cause the passenger side floor to be wet in a 01 trans am?

Sounds like your heater core is leaking. Does the fluid look/smell like antifreeze? if so, time for a new heater core.

Your 98 Dodge Ram blows hot air at 40mph and smells like antifreeze for no reason?

heater core is more than likely leaking..

Car heater smells like burning rubber?

A car heater that smells like burning rubber could be an indication of a belt that is slipping. The slipping belt smell can be drawn in from the engine compartment into the passenger cabin.

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