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i have replaced 02 censors and map censors and my car is only getting 11 miles per gallon whay can i do to fix this problem 2001 2.7 Dodge intrepid

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Yes. You can use automatic transmission fluid in the power steering on a Dodge Intrepid.

The 2004 Dodge Intrepid PCM power control module can be found on the firewall in the engine compartment. The PCM power control module will be on the passenger side of the firewall.

1999 dodge intrepid rear windo don't know working i change 2 time same place you can Email .e

You may need to replace the power control module.

The 3.5 SOHC engine found in a 1993 Dodge Intrepid puts out 214hp and 221ft/lb of torque to the crankshaft.

The PCM (Power Control Module) on a 2001 Dodge Intrepid is located on the right side of the engine compartment just in front of the fuse/relay block. It is typically silver. There are two wiring harnesses that plug into the side.

mine has a 318 and it gets about 11

Two good parts for a 1998 Dodge 1500 with a 5.9 liter engine that increase power and mileage are high performance air and fuel filters.

Probably because power steering pump is low on oil or worn out.

the code P0132 on dodge intrepid is : the right upstream o2 sensor is shorted to ground , possible causes are the o2 sensor is gone bad , the wiring or connectors are damaged or corroded, or the ( PCM) power control module

the clock on my 1996 Dodge Intrepid has an H and M on the right top. Use a pen or paperclip after turning the key until the power comes on, but before ignition. H changes hours and M changes minutes.

yes, but they require that you only run Premium fuel. The savings on mileage is offset by the extra cost of the fuel, and its not worth it.

what would cause all power windows to only work once in awhile and defroster to go out on a 1997 dodge intrepid

Bad fan motor - check to see if you are getting power to the 2nd

You don't - The window attaches to the track with a high temperature compound that has to be done at the dealer.

If a 1996 Dodge Intrepid is jerking while idling and in motion the spark plug wires and spark plugs should be checked. Regular maintenance of the vehicle should be scheduled with a mechanic.

Engine - 5w30 Trans - Mopar ATF+4 Brake - DOT 3 Coolant - green Power steering - power steering fluid AC - R134a

dows any one know what it means when the code says battery power to mod disconnected ? In a Dodge intrepid 2002 with a 2.7 enigne

High performance exhausts can have a small, yet statistically insignificant, impact on fuel efficiency. They tend to be installed for a differenct exhaust sound or improved power, not improved fuel mileage.

programer. there are many out there that offer power and fuel economy. banks and superchips are just a couple