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What can you do to be sure a guy likes you or not?

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Is he persuing a relationship with you? Has he asked you out? Has he complimented you on your looks? Has he made excuses to touch you or hold your hand? Has he teased you? Those are some good indications. Don't sweat it around him. Be yourself and enjoy your time with him. If you spend enough time with him, time with tell if he really likes you or not.

2006-08-02 04:21:55
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How to tell if a guy likes you-?

You can only tell for sure that a guy likes you if he says so.

What does it mean if a guy likes all your facebook updates?

He likes you for sure

What do you do if your not sure a guy likes you?

Kiss them and see what they do

How do you know when to kiss a guy if your not sure he likes you?

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When will a guy ask out a girl?

When he is sure he likes her.

All my friends think this guy likes me and I think he likes me too but how can I be sure?

To be sure whether or not a guy likes you, you could always just ask. If not, have a conversation with him, ask him if he wants to hang out with you.

How can you be sure that a guy likes you?

the only way to be really sure is to ask him

Will the guy who likes you know the guy you like likes you and feel jealous?

Not sure how you expect someone to magically know something.

What do you do if a guy likes you but your not so sure you like them?

ask him

Ok so i like this guy but I'm not sure if he likes me?

Talk to him! Ask if he likes you, or if he likes anyone. Get to know him

You think a guy likes you should you ask him out?

Make sure you both like each other. If one of you don't like the other then it could work out badly. But if you are really sure that this guy likes you and your ready to commit, go for it!

What do you do if you are not sure a guy likes you?

Do you like him? If he likes you, you'll know. If you can't tell, then he probably isn't that into you.

How do you ask a guy out if youre not sure he likes you?

Have friend find out if he likes you. If so, just ask.

How can you make sure a guy likes you?

He tells you, frequently and with enthusiasm.

What is a sure fire way to know a guy likes you?

Ask him.

What are some signs that a guy likes you?

smiling and laughing are key. P.S. If you like a guy but your not sure he likes you try hanging out with him more; get to be his friend.

What should you do when your guy friend says he will ask the guy you like for you if he likes you?

I would say sure

Can a very confident guy be insecure when he likes a girl?

Sure he can especially if he really likes her and doesn't want to be rejected but isn't sure how she feels about him.

You think this guy likes you but im not sure?

Ha, wow. Only a guy can tell if another likes someone. They are more complicated than us. ;)

What do you do when you like a guy and you think he likes you back but your not sure?

ask the dude

A guy likes your friend and not you?

If a guy likes your friend and not you dont be sad , there are way" bigger fish in the sea". Im sure you will find someone WAY HOTTER.

If a guy takes a double take at you does that mean he likes you?

He likes your looks, that's for sure. Sees your sex appeal.

How do you know whether a guy likes you from his conversation?

from eyes you can guess, see if there is liquid in eyes than be sure he likes you

What do you do if you are not sure if a guy likes?

Get to know him better.If he acts interested in you,you know,if he acknowledges you and talks to you,there is a good chance he likes you.

What do you do if a you like a guy and different guy likes you and he ask you out and you are not sure whether to go out with the guy that ask you or just wait and see if the other guy likes you?

say yes and see how it goes and after a week or so see if you like him