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What can you do to help your parents earn money when you are just twelve?


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November 27, 2008 12:34AM

Well , although it sounds weird, the first thing you can do to help your parents , if you are twelve years old , is to help them stop wasting money . I'm not saying that they overspend or anything , no not at all ! Thing is , they could be wasting money , just by going in and out the door . One tip I have to reduce this [ if you have a pet that wants out all the time ] is to wait until both pet and owner want to go outside . This won't take long, but if it's too long for a pet , please don't let them ruin your carpet [ if you have a dog ] that can cost , obviously , much more . And , although it sounds weird and annoying , put like a rolled- up rug in front of doors to save on energy . It can be easily moved , and will save you several dollars . Another tip on saving cash , is to really watch your electricity , by lighting candles , when proper and safe . We found a HUGE reduction in energy costs when we did this , along with only turning on the computer when several people wanted it , or there was an emergency , and we wanted to know what happened [ obviously , emergencies are few in our neighborhood ] . We found a little extra cash doing that , though barely enough for a little extra food supplies [ maybe a few extra cans of beans , five or so - we always keep a month's worth of food in our basement , just in case the economy crashes , or there's some environmental crisis ] . But , wait a second - how do you actually make cash at that age ? Well , if you live in a place that it snows just about now , there's a temporary source of income right outside your door , for almost an entire season ! That season is winter . Talk to your parents friends , and see if their are any elderly people in the immediate area that stay for winter that might not want to shovel , or just plain lazy people . You can charge about $0.75 for cleaning their driveway off . Get your friends together, and charge more so you can split the pot , if it's a VERY heavy snow - I mean several feet deep . Look for several places that you could do this , to make the maximum amount of money possible . Also , selling REAL cocoa , made from REAL milk and REAL cocoa , is a really good thing to sell . Apply the rules for the lemonade stand, which you will find , WORK . In spring , you can do the good , old-fashioned lemonade stand , offering delicious REAL lemonade ! You can only charge about a dollar or so for a cup . But wait ! Check your costs [ cups , stand , water , lemons , markers , sugar , paid help ] to keep things reasonable [ especially if you're loaning money from someone else , because if you are , you need to pay back QUICKLY ] . Then , once you have that number, ignore it , but DON'T lose it ! Find the cost of each individual cup , and contents [ lemons , water , sugar ] . Once done , triple that , and there you go ! There's the cost of your lemonade ! You do this for anything you sell , so don't forget it ! Also , read the book The Richest Man in Babylon , it's short , easy to read, and will help your parents save up their cash , so read it , and get your parents to read it , too ! It tells you , mostly , to try to save back ten percent of you money earned each month , eventually resulting in wealth , if put in a bank , especially . It's difficult to talk to your parents about this , and you might get grounded if you do [ like I did at that age ] about asking how much money is made each month . Don't let this hinder you ! Your parents , if they need help now , or you think they will , later , this could help them more than they think . So , wow I'm glad you asked ! I have been itching to tell my small neighbors about it , because they were anxious to hear how to save up , and gain cash , but their parents were offended , so I didn't . Good luck !