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I have added the following parts and mods:

accel wires uridum plugs jet chip stage 2 lower thermostat throttle body spacer k&n intake kit Electric fan conversion Cat back dual exhaust accel coils Larger throttle body from 2.8ltr engine from 93 grand am

These mods won't have you burning the tires off, but they will give you a definite increase in your acceleration. If you need more you can buy a turbo kit at this link

Another couple of resources:

hope those help

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 22:11:40
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Q: What can you do to increase the horsepower in your 2.2 S-10 4cyl 5 spd?
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How many mpg in a 4 cylinder s10?

My 1998 S10 2.2L standard 5 spd averaged 28 mpg.

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