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Spray no stick cooking spray(PAM) on the weather stripping for the door.

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Q: What can you do to keep the doors of an Alero from freezing shut on cold winter mornings?
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How can you prevent Alero doors from freezing shut on winter mornings?

Use graphite in the locks, and use a vinyl protector or WD40 on the door seals to keep them from sticking to the door jambs.

2002 alero unlock doors when shutting off i gnition?

The factory made the Olds Alero do that, I have a 2001 Olds Alero and it does the same thing. It's just a factory thing that they have done to the car.

How do you keep van doors from freezing shut in winter?

After having this problem myself, I called my car dealer, and they recommended spraying the weather stripping around the doors with Pam cooking spray. So far it's worked like a charm--you have to reapply the Pam whenever it gets worn off, but the doors don't stick like they used to when there is moisture in the air and it's below freezing.

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Will a 2004 Oldsmobile alero lock automatically?


My 95 regal 3.8L v6 the front doors dont open all the time in the winter why is that?

If the doors on your 95 Regal don't always open in the winter, you may want to have the door latches checked and oiled. They may need to be replaced.

How do you use a slim Jim to open the doors on a 2003 Alero?

I can attest that it works. Using an upward motion with a slim jim ... just a few inches in from the window trim.

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Where are the fuse boxes in an alero?

At each end of the dash when you open the doors. There is a panel on both sides that open and the fuses are in there, although I could not locate the fuse for the rear window defroster. Any help out there?

Where are the switches for the dome light located on the doors of a 2004 Olds Alero The dome light will not shut off when the doors are closed but the light works from the switch at the light itself.?

The switches for the dome light on each door of a 2004 Olds Alero are at the front of the door. They are on the door frame where the door meets the frame when it is closed. If the dome light is staying on, try checking the dome light control by the headlight switch, also. It may have gotten bumped when entering the vehicle.

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How do you replace the front speaker of a 2003 alero and what speaker size will you need?

Should be same as 2001 setup where you have to remove interior door skin to acess speakers, and the 2001 had 4"x6" ovals in doors.

Why will metal doors work easily during the winter but stick during the summer?

Metal expands from heat and contracts in cold

Is there a product to keep car doors from freezing closed and open?

Spray WD40 on the door seals. It will help under some conditions, perhaps not in the horrible weather like freezing rain. I have also heard that vasoline helps. You can put it on the key and insert in the keyhole before the freezing weather comes so your car lock won't freeze.

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My guess is there is a large surface area weather seal with condesation that freezes.

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