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What can you do to make your 1986 iroc z faster?


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2007-05-10 22:39:13
2007-05-10 22:39:13

First you got to decide how much money you want to envolve and then you have to decide how far to go. There are many ways to answer but first you have got to have the basics, How much money, how fast, and how far


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Chevy never made a 1986 IROC-Z convertible, not till '87 - so the answer is no.

Yes, they did iroc and Z28's are a little different, but i have just a regular Z28 most iroc's a tombport as regular Z28's do not.

Check to make sure you are getting fuel and spark

no, all IROC-Z's were V8s.

If it's an automatic it's probably the 700R4

A 1992 Camaro IROC-Z which has a maximum speed of 145 mph, is faster than the 1992 Mustang GT, which has a top speed of 129 mph.

It was just an incorporation of the "Z" in Z-28. IROC stood for International Race Of Champions.....from the Nascar IROC races.

the stock engine for an iroc z is 5.7 ltr v8 tpi with 220-230 hp. i know ive been driving one since 86 when i bought it new.

the last production year for the iroc z was 1990, there is no such thing as a 1991 iroc z

In the fuse block, under the dash on the drivers side, Should be marked HTR/AC

At the end of its production run, Iroc z numbers had totalled 170,000.

Some magazine articles of the day list times as follows.. Car Craft : 1989 IROC Z 305 TPI..15.3 sec. @ 94.7 m.p.h. Car Craft : 1989 IROC Z 1LE 305 TPI..14.70 sec. @ 93.01 m.p.h. Hot Rod : 1987 IROC Z 350 TPI..14.66 sec. @ 96.24 m.p.h. Hot Rod : 1990 IROC Z 350 TPI..14.77 sec. @ 97.7 m.p.h. Motor Trend : 1990 IROC Z 350 TPI..14.4 sec. @ 97.8 m.p.h. Motor Trend : 1988 IROC Z convertible 305 TPI..15.79 @ 89.3 Muscle Car Review : 1990 IROC Z 305 TPI..15.1 @ 91.5 m.p.h. Muscle Car Review : 1990 IROC Z 350 TPI..14.8 @ 93.4 m.p.h.

there was no 91 iroc-z the very very very begging of the 1990 model camaros were iroc-z this is because it they were still in the 89 yr and they were producing 90's. and December 89 was the last yr of Chevy's iroc contract. then it was on for the dodge daytonas. so u most likely have a z28 if ur thinking its an iroc-z. u might have the graphics but there are plenty of clones around **** The above answer is partially correct but answerer needs to learn how to speak proper English and spell. I can't understand any of what he said and I'm not sure how the questioner could either. My answer is that there are NO 1991 or 1992 IROC-Z Camaro's. 12/31/1989 was the last date of production for IROC-Z Camaro's as GM lost the rights to use the IROC-Z namesake on the Camaro to the Dodge Daytona. There were a very limited number of 1990 IROC-Z Camaro's produced. The horsepower rating for a 1991 Camaro Z28 350 is 245hp. If anyone tells you that they have a 1991 IROC-Z Camaro then they're lying to you. ****

Beverly Hills Cop II with Eddie Murphy. A black IROC-Z I believe with T-panels.

The 1989 Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z (RPO Code 1FP87) was built in a coupe and convertible options. The available powertrains for the IROC-Z were the LO3, LB9, and L98 8-cylinder engines with 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmissions. 20,067 IROC-Z coupes and 3.245 convertibles were built that year.

i have an 88 iroc vert with 22' iroc wheels and they took me some doing to get on the best bet is to put 24'in the back and 22'in the front with a raked look it is awsome

in the glove box mine is in the center between back of windows switches 1988 iroc z

No they are not. Base engine on an '88 IROC was a 170 hp 305 TBI.


The base RS or the IROC-Z.

that would have to be the very very rare iroc-zr1. they only made 16

You don't, it is done electronically.

No street version like the mid 80's Camaros. IROC used Camaros from 1974-1989.

about 117mph on a trailer behind a dodge pickup To the dingbat who posted that - what is wrong with you? We have both the Iroc and a Dodge ram WITH A HEMI. For kicks we took them out on the road and RACED them - I'm sorry to inform you that the Iroc-Z SMOKED our Hemi Dodge Ram truck (it's a 2007 - brand new o.k.). Oh, my husband's Iroc-Z actually does 154 - I've seen it myself driving the car. SORRY! LOL Heh, 154. Right... And I'm guessing that you wax it weekly, and this keeps cops' RADAR guns from working, because it's got "Such a sweet shine" to it as well?

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