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Ten months is enough time for him to take action. At this point, it looks like he is not only not going to file for divorce, he is not going to resume the relationship. The best thing to protect your mental state is to start taking some action on your own, which will make you feel less powerless. If you don't have a job, find one. Set up a bank account of your own with money to leave. Start sorting your life out so you can move on, without him. You can hold your cards close to your chest until you are ready to leave, but do make the move soon. You don't need his permission to get a divorce so you beat him to the punch! Go see a lawyer and YOU start the proceedings. If he wants a divorce there is no sense in hanging on. I know divorce is hard on both partners (especially the woman) and I've been through it, but once out on your own (or staying in the house after the divorce) and a few months has passed you realize how free you feel and hopefully become independent. If children are involved, don't think staying in a loveless marriage is helping them because it isn't. It could be your husband is threatening divorce as a control tool over you, so, once again, beat him to the punch! This relationship is not love at all because you aren't suppose to hurt someone you love like he's doing to you. Good luck Marcy

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Q: What can you do to protect your mental state from a husband giving you the silent treatment for ten months because he wants a divorce but he does nothing to start proceedings?
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