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before doing anything to the vehicle check your oil level and quality. try changing your oil and getting something with a higher viscosity (thicker) try a 20/50 . since the oil will be thicker it will act as a cushion between the lifters and the camshaft or lifter and the pushrods. if you don't want to change your oil just yet, there is an additive that i don't quite remember the name but is made by a company name LUCAS and well when i buy it i ask for engine lucas and they usually know what it is. this will help your oil lubricate better and quiet down those anoying lifters. (it does take a few miles for it to take effect) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ford shows SAE 5 W - 20 oil for the 2000 F150 4.2 L V6 engine ( 6 quarts with filter change )

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2008-08-07 11:29:24
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Q: What can you do to quiet noisy lifters in a 2000 ford f150 with v6 engine?
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